Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 2 – Finishing Cosplay Weapons, Armor Cosplay, Cosplay Diy,. Visit. Home. Bill Doran/Punished Props’ Foam Armorsmithing Vol. Armorsmith is the latest tech offering from The Armored Garage. It’s a tool designed for cosplayers by a cosplayer. Check out the link for more information. Learn how to make your own foam armor costume! This is the eBook bundle that includes “Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes” and “Foam Armor.

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Please signal boost this! The following is a list of e-books and physical books created by cosplayers and creators or great reference books overall. Now includes patterns and ready-made props. Please click armotsmithing to see the most recent post.

The Book of Armor Making: Advanced Armor Making – Helmets and Pauldrons: The Book of Prop Making: The Book of Cosplay Lights: The Book of Cosplay Painting: Kamui Cosplay E-Book Collection: Kamui Cosplay Book collection: Nova Blizzard Fiam Pattern: Warrior Princess Sword and Chakram pattern: Basic Sword Pattern Collection – 15 Swords: The Complete Foamsmith Trilogy: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes: PauldronDestiny Knife.

Foam Firearm Fabrication by Will Morgan: Accessories by Teresa Dietzinger: Professional Paint Jobs by Will Morgan: Resin kits Dragon Age, Fallout. Props Bioware, Destiny, Dredd.

FREE: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2

Asari Commando and Batgirl pattern. Resin kits Destiny, Skyrim. Resin kits Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. Resin gems for Steven Universe. God Save the Queen Fashions: Resin kits Skryim, Mass Effect.

Nerdy Wares Rufflebutt Cosplay: Resin kits Destiny, Game of Thrones. Masks, props, and prothestics. Armosmithing skirt and armsocks to order. Dress patterns, lolita style. Steven K Smith Props: Resin casts and props Sailor Moon primarily. Weapons, props, and armor. Patterns and props Destiny, Mass Effect.


Various patterns for armor. Breaking All the Rules: Cosplay and the Art of Self Expression. Cosplay in America v2 by Ejen Chuang. A book series on how to sew with spandex. INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.

People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy. A friend and local cosplayer of mine needs some help to win a cosplay contest for a scholarship. Her video is of her building Sheoldred the Whispering one from Magic: Please help her out! I know she would love to go to this school. We all do it. We all spend way too much on cosplay at a con or right before a con and lament our lack of funds. How do people with limited budgets actually do it without going broke?

Some of this may look familiar. Those are my tips. I hope they help you guys. I try to abide by these in my cosplaying, but I screw up too and get distracted by shinies. I also found this album by JestPaint on facebook that has a lot of swatch comparisons—further back in the album they show what some paints look like on a range of different skin colors.

Answering all your Cosplay Questions. Attention American Seamsters slightly-oblivvyous: Free Nova Blizzard Rifle Pattern: Asari Commando and Batgirl pattern Artyom Props: Daft Punk helmets Battosai Props: Lady Sif sword Cosplay4UsAll: Armor patterns, horns Fev Studios: Sewing patterns Henchmen Props: Steven Universe gems Korov Creations: Bunny suit pattern NexusFX: Masks, props, and prothestics Pumpkin Soldier Cosplay: Pleated skirt and armsocks to order Rapture Costumiers: Resin casts and props Sailor Moon primarily Volpin Props: Weapons, props, and armor WM Armory: Cosplay and the Art of Self Expression Project: Tips for Cosplaying on a Budget cannypucacosplay: If your cosplay has smaller pieces, go for the remnants section at the fabric store.


Sales can drop the price of something significantly. Coupons are your best friends. I get really excited. Connect with your local fabric store.

Remember too that different Goodwills have different stock, so you should check out multiple ones. All sorts of stuff gets donated.

Free: Foam Armorsmithing; Vol 1 and 2 – Other Books – Auctions for Free Stuff

If you plan your cosplay in advance, at least 3 months, you have the chance to shop sales and wait patiently. Ideally, plan at least 6 months in advance. This can halve your cosplay cost and cut the stress, too. If you have money left over when you buy stuff, great! Budgeting is a very good friend of yours. It helps to have your cosplay funds in an envelope you set aside with cash, because then when the cash is all gone, whoops, no more money to spend right now. It keeps money separate and makes a clear designation.

Think outside the box.

Look for mundane alternatives. Arrmorsmithing them out before hand. Sometimes, the really nice stuff is necessary, or you want to splurge. Do you know how frustrating it is to buy the wrong shade of fabric because your brain remembered it differently than the real deal?!

The way to avoid this is to bring in reference images. Use it for something else. And on that note…. Always check your stash to see if you have something that will work.

Need a lining fabric? Last, but definitely not least, measure twice, cut once.