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This dts-1800 uses Javascript for some features, please enable it to use the full functionality of this website. More Fluke Networks Products. DTX Series Networkx certification fpuke. This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model s.

This revolutionary future-proof platform significantly reduces fluje time to certify by improving every aspect of the testing process. DTX saves you both with. It starts with 9-second Cat 6 Autotest. With all this speed also comes the highest accuracy as the DTX is the only tester to use a standards-compliant, electrically -centered permanent link test adapter.

The DTX 10 Gig over Copper Test Solution enables cable testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments – whether it is an existing Cat 6 or newly installed Augmented Cat 6 cabling system. DTX CableAnalyzer — a platform for growth The only cable tester that can completely certify copper and fiber cabling.

Our fiber modules let you test more fibers in less time minimizing costs and freeing you up for other tasks. Over time, the savings are substantial — hundreds of hours per year for the average contractor.

Deliver complete fiber certification Basic Tier1 fiber certification. Validate fiber link performance per industry standards.

Fluke Networks DTX-1800

Netowrks optical loss at multiple wavelengths, measure fiber length and verify polarity. You can test two fibers in both directions at both wavelengths with incredible speed without swapping main and remote netwroks, a capability only available from Fluke Networks.

Unlike competitive fiber adapters which measure length and two loss measurements per Autotest, DTX is the only fiber test solution that measures length and four loss measurements per Autotest — all in about 12 seconds. Extended Tier 2 fiber certification.

It shoots and analyzes traces on both multimode and singlemode fibers to check every connector and splice on a link making sure that it meets defined specifications and installation networkss expectations.

It makes the DTX powerful certification tool a complete, easy-to-use OTDR that shoots and analyzes traces on singlemode and multimode fiber. The new adapters are the first of its kind to test shielded Category 5e, 6, and 6 A cabling. Simply snap a set of adapters onto your DTX CableAnalyzer and you can test shielded and unshielded twisted pair patch cords to industry performance standards.

Eliminate degradation of certified permanent links by ensuring the performance of patch cords before they are dtx-18000 in. Reduce bit errors, increase channel margins, and minimize network downtime. In addition, the tester performs a Time Domain Reflectometry TDR test of the link to ensure that the cable does not exhibit any significant changes in impedance. Such impedance anomalies can cause significant problems in the quality of the signal transmission.

Fluke Networks DTX Cable Analyzer Series

Propagation Delay Propagation delay measures the time required for signals to travel from one end of the cabling link to the other.

The NVP of the cable, which indicates the speed of the electrical signals on the cable, is used to convert the propagation delay into the “electrical length” of the link. If the NVP is known with sufficient accuracy, the electrical length approximates the physical length closely. The tester stores the sweep diagrams that can be uploaded and stored on a PC using the LinkWare software. The daily wear associated with coiling, uncoiling, and storing cables under rough field conditions causes slow, invisible degradation over time and contributes to Return Loss, which is often the cause of a FAIL.


At Fluke Networks, we put accuracy first. That’s why we networsk high-performance Permanent Link Adapters instead of using commercial patch cords. Our proprietary technology ensures superior accuracy and stability required for measuring Return Loss, while increasing the accuracy of all other measured dt-x1800 parameters— not just accuracy one time, but accuracy every time— over time.

As you can see in this graph, a commercial Cat 7 SSTP cord has a 10 dB loss after cycles of coiling and dluke. This 10 dB degradation causes a good link to fail – and you end up with a false fail. PM06 is the cabling industry’s first centered, shielded test plug.

With global industry approval by connectivity vendors, this unique “center netsorks certifies link as well as connecting hardware compliance to the Cat 6 standard to achieve an “open” cabling system. Installations using IDC-type connectors not shown in this table may be tested against the test specification for the Permanent Link using the appropriate Basic Link Adapters. Consult with the manufacturer of the connecting hardware to ensure that you certify the installation in agreement with his warranty requirements.

DTX Production Ends June 30th | Fluke Networks

To ensure reliable results for Return Loss, treat the twisted pair Basic Link Adapters cables with extra care. As network applications evolve and bandwidth demand increases, so do the testing requirements. Whether netwrks are activating new service, upgrading new infrastructure, performing MACs, troubleshooting a cabling or link connectivity problems, new industry best practices now recommend verifying link connectivity and network availability after certifying each cabling link.

They also recommend documenting results in one consolidated report. Doing so provides assurance to your customers that metworks network netwofks was delivered in perfect working order. Improve the services you offer The same familiar tool used industry-wide to certify link transmission performance can now be used to verify and document the availability of network services over a flkue link.

It is simple to operate and quickly provides powerful, valuable information. When you install new links and need to turn up the service the DTX tester with the Network Service Module lets you document all the network connectivity tests executed as an integrated part of the cable certification documentation provided by LinkWare.

This allows you to provide clear evidence to your customers that the job was done right — according to standards and best practices. And, it lets you deliver improved services to end users, eliminate callbacks and reduce network downtime. Power over Ethernet PoE enables critical dhx-1800 services including VoIP, web-based security and remote data capture. Midspan power supplies, an efficient means to implement PoE, have protection circuitry that makes it impossible to do wiremapping.

F,uke wiremap test is an essential tool for flushing out wiring errors that cause a PoE service to fail and troubleshooting existing PoE services. Fluke Networks pioneered new fuke and test algorithms to address the issues unique to PoE, making them a standard feature software release 1. The DTX user sees clearly if a connection is wired properly or has wiring errors. This test can be done from the location of the Ethernet switch esregardless of the presence or location of a Midspan power supply.

AC Wiremap test results can be integrated into LinkWare software, creating a comprehensive and professional report. Fluke Networks’ powerful LinkWare Software included with every DTX Series tester helps you quickly organize, edit, view, print, save, or archive test results by jobsite, customer, campus building, and more.

You can merge test results into an existing database and then sort, search and organize by any number of data fields or parameters. LinkWare is also available free from our web site. Once your work is done, you can give this powerful application to your customers so they can have instant access to the data electronically.

Extensive data management capabilities with Dtd-1800 LinkWare Software prints professional, graphical reports with color graphs depicting the measured test parameters. You can choose which parameters to print and the order in which graphs appear. Reports can also be customized with your company logo.


New LinkWare Stats option provides a graphical analysis of dx-1800 entire cable plant LinkWare now supports LinkWare Stats, a new automated statistical report option that allows you to move above and beyond the page-per-link networkw and see your entire cabling infrastructure. It analyzes and transforms LinkWare test results data into charts and diagrams that reveal your cabling plant performance; this report summarizes your entire cabling infrastructure in a compact, graphical format that makes it easy to verify margins and to spot anomalies.

DTX saves you both. This dramatic reduction is the result of not just faster testing, but also improved accuracy, superior diagnostics, longer battery life, simple user dtx-11800, and fast setup and reporting. Cat nftworks certification in 9 seconds The DTX and DTX perform Cat 6 certification test in just 9 seconds – all in full compliance with the industry standards and with superior accuracy.

That’s three times faster than existing testers. This incredible speed means you can test up to more links in an eight hour shift. Advanced Diagnostics — troubleshoot faults twice as fast When a link fails, the DTX Series provides quick and easy-to understand directions ndtworks identify the point of failure distance from the tester and the possible reason s for the failure.

These directions not only tell you the problem, but also identify corrective actions your test technicians can take to solve the problem quickly — all fluuke having to consult nnetworks the project manager.

Flue of spending time executing trial and error corrections dtx-800 re-testing to find out whether the problem has been resolved — the technician knows exactly where to look and what to do to fix the failing link.

It’s a faster way to do everything. It cuts setup and reporting times. Its ease-of-use lowers training times. Extended battery life means you can do more on a single charge. And a bright color display, ample memory, and built-in talk set all contribute to overall productivity while enhancing the user experience.

This all adds up to save you time and money every day. The DTX exceeds this specification, assuring you of higher confidence in results over the full frequency range. The cost of inaccuracy: Both of these false results cost you networkd and money — with DTX you can rely on accurate results — every time. Generates tones that can be detected by a tone probe such as a Fluke Networks IntelliTone probe.

The tones are generated on all pairs. Frequency range on all fluek. Frequency range of tones: Protected fuke continuous telco voltages network mA over-current.

Occasional ISDN over-voltages will not cause damage. Contact Fluke Networks for information on measurement performance for cable with a different impedance. Less than 10 minutes to rated accuracy following over-voltage.

Referencing is required after repeated or prolonged over-voltage. You will minimize your downtime, receive faster trouble resolution and have total access to all support resources.

Keeping your DTX CableAnalyzer and Fiber modules calibrated is critical to ensure accuracy when testing fiber networks. Our calibration processes are ISO controlled and designed to certify that your DTX and Fiber modules meet all published specifications. To receive a loaner unit during calibration available in most regionswe recommend you schedule your appointment 6 weeks in advance of your required calibration date.

If a loaner is not required or calibration cannot be scheduled in advance, Cluke customers may opt to instead receive a shipping waybill and calibrations will receivepriority turnaround.