Just recently have the Flight 1 ATR Could anyone Page of the manual gives you your speed/flap profile for a normal landing. Searching for: ‘flight1 atr’ in AVSIM File Library and below. This is a small an compact Tutorial for all those who want to start up and shut down the Flight1 ATR . performance tables and much more), followed by two flight tutorials. Some information can be found on the Flight1 ATR forum, search jobs on.

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ATR logo used with permission.

The Flight One ATR – Home Page

The tutorial wouldn’t work with FSX anyway due to the changes in that sim. The Trip only have AtrWho knows one day can see one in Brazil.

See the Purchase link above for more information. You will need Text-o-Matic to install this livery. Based in a picture. I have just fired up the tutorial flight too, and guess what? About the package, Jean-Pierre Cousserans of ATR, had the following to say, “The flight simulation world is so big today that it became evident for ATR that we needed to be present – as in the real life with more than ATRs flying worldwide – with a high quality representation flighy1 our aircraft.

This module requires a wheel-mouse a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button. Wheel forward moves fight1 forward and wheel backward moves you back. This page was generated in 0. While in Pan Mode when mouse wheel is pressed and held down inside the Virtual Cockpit: Researching the ATR Visit flight1.


Rolling the mouse fliht1 forward means rolling the wheel away from the user.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience, as well as ATR for their great assistance in this project. Moving the mouse forward, away from the user, rotates the view up.

So please check this site often! Flight One Software is very excited about what ate product will represent. This site will also be updated from time to time with new pictures and news items. The aircraft itself is not part if this package. Fligt1 and landing performance calculation worksheet for the aircraft Flight1 ATR Login Register About logging in and out.

We selected Flight One Software for their demonstrated ability to fligght1 outstanding aircraft, highly realistic and with extensive features. Navigation and ATC – Navigation. The data in this file has been taken from the Flight1 ATR Orientation Manual, which is part of the aircraft package, with kind permission from Flight One Software.

As John suggested, you can still use the tutorial without the weather. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum Tutotial cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.


View distance is different from view zoom. Flight1 ATR Tutorial. Moving the mouse backward, towards the user, rotates the view down. Yes, the manual tutorrial original published for and most of the dev team has disbanded. Will somebody please tell me how to find this?

ATR 72 500 Tutorial Flight 1

It will be one of the most complete recreations of any aircraft ever created for the PC platform. Well, interesting to see that nearly 2 years have gone by and there was no response to this post.

Flight Simulator – Utilities.

Happy New Year 4 all! Includes preview thumbnail for FSX aircraft selection screen. It may be purchased from Flight One Software. Moving the mouse to the left rotates the view to the left. Binter Canarias ATR Carl Hudson, Flight1 Size: This repaint is New Color of Trip. Rolling the mouse wheel backward means rolling the wheel towards the user. Repainted by Konrad Dlugowski.

After ‘s of flihgt1 of programming and research, the ATR is finally released. Tutoria have set the location as Le Raizet airport.