Five Main Reasons to Stop Smoking

Cigarettes have become the most popular small objects. Smoking has grown a lifestyle for many men and women, also including children and adolescents. Smoking habits have caused many diseases from respiratory problems to cancer. Notwithstanding being aware of the dangers of smoking, people all over the world continue to smoke dozens of cigarettes every day.

The number of smokers in Indonesia is listed as the third highest in the world. The number of smokers in developing countries is far more than the number of smokers in developed countries. That figure is very alarming considering the bad consequences of new smoking will be felt in the long run.
The content of a cigarette
What substances are contained in a cigarette? Nicotine is the primary substance found in cigarettes. but, more than 700 types of chemical additives are likely to be used by cigarette companies to increase the pleasure of smoking. Some materials are even so toxic that some large cigarette manufacturers will usually have a high standard for disposing of these hazardous toxic materials.
Passive smoking can have a direr negative effect if they smoke cigarette smoke. Besides, cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals, including arsenic, acetone, butane, carbon monoxide, and cyanide. Cigarette smoke that is inhaled by smokers and passive smokers will bore 43 substances known to cause cancer. That’s why passive smokers can have a negative impact that is more terrible if they smoke inhaled smoke.
Danger of cigarette
What are the bad consequences of a lifestyle that is damaging to health? What are the diseases caused by smoking? Here are some of the diseases and negative effects caused by smoking:
1. Heart disease
A cigarette is also one of the leading causes of a heart attack. The death of a smoker due to heart disease is more than that of lung cancer. Even low tar or low nicotine cigarettes will not reduce the risk of heart disease. Because some of the cigarettes that use filters increase the amount of carbon monoxide inhaled, which makes cigarettes even worse for the heart than cigarettes that don’t use filters.
Nicotine contained in a cigarette can make your heart beat faster and increase your body’s need for oxygen. Smoke from the cigarette also has the poisonous carbon monoxide. This toxic substance travels to the bloodstream and actually blocks the flow of oxygen to the heart and other essential organs. Nicotine can narrow blood vessels so that it further slows the flow of oxygen. That is why smokers have a very high risk of heart disease.
2. Lung Cancer
Cigarette smoke from tobacco contains many cancer-causing chemicals. Smoked smoke contains various chemicals that can damage the lungs. This substance can trigger cancer, especially in the lungs. Lung cancer is the most regular cancer caused by smoking. The spread of lung cancer in the body occurs quietly to a higher stage. In many cases, lung cancer kills quickly.
3. Emphysema
Heavy smokers who have had emphysema for years. Emphysema is a disease that will progressively make the lungs lose its elasticity. If the lungs lose certainty, it will be difficult to remove dirty air. The signs are starting to experience difficulty breathing in the morning and evening. Then it’s easy to pant. Another sign is often having severe flu, accompanied by a severe cough, and possibly with chronic bronchitis. The cough often does not stop and become chronic.
4. Older Faster
The results of a study of smokers showed that the faces of male and female smokers wrinkled faster than those who did not smoke. The early aging process increases according to the habits and number of cigarettes smoked. The study showed that heavy smokers had skin wrinkles almost five times higher than non-smokers. Even the early aging process has begun for teenagers who smoke such as wrinkled skin, yellowing teeth, and bad breath.
5. Body Damage
The negative impact of smoking not only endangers the lungs, heart and respiratory tract. Smoking manners according to analysis can damage other body tissues. Dozens of diseases linked to tobacco use even involve pneumonia (pneumonia), gum disease, leukemia, kidney cancer, cataracts, cervical cancer, and pain in the pancreas. The reason is that toxins from cigarette smoke spread everywhere through the bloodstream. Smoking able to cause disease in almost every organ of the body.
Why Stop Smoking?
Are you aware of the dangers of smoking? As a result of smoking on the health of the body harmful. According to statistics, throughout the world, the number of smokers who die from smoking-related illnesses is nearly three times the quantity of people who die from alcohol and drugs. Even the name of smokers who die from the disease amounts to six times compared to a car accident. Besides, the age of smokers is usually 13 to 14 years shorter than non-smokers.
After reading these facts, would you be like a smoker who, despite reading so many terrible facts regarding smoking, then decided to stop reading the article? Or do you dare say no to cigarettes?