First Aid When Your Little One Is Missed

If your baby’s eyes suddenly slip, spontaneously we usually insist on asking him to widen his eyes so we can blow his eyes. Of course with the hope that the foreign object that enters his eyes will immediately come out due to our blow. This method is not useful because either dust, sand, or other foreign objects that enter the eye may remain “nesting” in the original place.

Naturally, if the foreign object is classified as very small / very smooth, the eyes will automatically release it together with more tears than usual. Or by merely blinking the eyes repeatedly, superfine dirt will immediately “leave” from the eye. However, these methods do not work to expel rather large foreign objects. Even if just let it stand, surely the eyes feel itchy and sore which makes the little one fussier.
How to overcome
• Most importantly, don’t rub your eyes, even though you have washed your hands beforehand. Especially if the fingers are dirty because it will irritate the membranes or eyelids. In the end, the eyes are swollen and become red.
• Clean foreign objects with eyelids by dabbing sterile cotton soaked in boiled water. Cotton should not be pressed or wiped because the foreign object can scratch the surface of the eyeball.
• Can also by “sinking” the eyes into a glass containing boiled water and blinking the eyes while in the water.
• Free eye drops can be used. But do not exceed three times because it is feared to cause ongoing inflammation/irritation. Eye generally drops function to reduce irritation. Please note, eye drops contain chemicals that are acidic so they can cause pain.
• If you do not show any signs of improvement, you should quickly consult an ophthalmologist to be treated immediately.