Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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And I did this neither as a conspirator, nor from any kind of personal interest – for we then enjoyed full constitutional prerogatives.

Telling the truth in this instance may jeopardize those good doctors in their material interests, but I am removing all doubt about their honor, which is worth much more. Everyone had instructions, first of all, to be humane in the struggle. Do not forget the words of the Apostle: Nov 27, Balu rated it really liked it Shelves: Little else could be expected from a man of his mentality – utterly devoid as he is of ideals and of principles, and utterly lacking the faith, confidence and support of the masses.

Well then, confess, this time force will compel you to condemn me. The struggle began against this man who was disregarding the law, who had usurped power by the use of violence against the will of the people, who was guilty of aggression against the established order, had tortured, murdered, imprisoned and prosecuted those who had taken up the struggle to defend the law and to restore freedom to the people.

Only three of them and the two women have been brought before the Court. I had intended to mention this matter in the following session, as a question of elementary respect for the Court, but – I was never brought back. Cuba could easily provide for a population three times as great as it has now, so there is no excuse for the abject poverty of a single one of its present inhabitants. But I do not fear prison, as I do not fear the fury of the miserable tyrant who took the lives of 70 of my comrades.


History Will Absolve Me – Wikipedia

If there had been an iota of truth in even one of the many statements the Dictator made against our fighters in his speech of July 27th, it would have been enough to undermine the moral impact of je case.

There is much talk about freedom, the right of the people to determine their future, and due process, and none at all about Communism or capitalism.

The speech Fidel Castro gave before he was sentenced to 26 years for a failed uprising. What would happen if, with a staggering mass of facts and evidence, I should proceed to cross-examine the very Army men who were directly responsible for those crimes?

It would be a betrayal of my conscience to accept a responsibility requiring more mobility and dedication than I am physically able to casto.

During the trial, public outrage at the treatment of the prisoners was seriously diminishing Batista’s standing among the population.

Let him offer the nation an explanation for those 70 murders. And before the party leaders of the opposition, who they had stupidly seated right in the prisoner’s dock where they could hear so well all that might be ffidel out here?

At their hands the best and noblest Cubans perished: Both past and present are full of examples. Though no record of Castro’s cxstro was kept, he reconstructed them later for publication.

‘History will absolve me’: Fidel Castro in his own words

No example is as inspiring as that of our own land. Among one hundred machine guns and bayonets, scandalously invading the hall of justice, more than a hundred people were seated in the prisoner’s dock. After Batista and his band of corrupt and disreputable politicians had failed in their electoral plan, they took advantage of the Army’s discontent and used it to climb to abzolve on the backs of the soldiers. They put the matter in my hands, for me to decide.

Many were the rifles loaded for our fighters by the nurses at the Civilian Hospital.


They crushed their testicles and they tore out their eyes. Will history really absolve him?

History Will Absolve Me

And I have the convicts at Boniato Prison to thank for this. Aug 27, Nativeabuse rated it liked it. There were so many victims that the government still has not dared make public the complete list. The five revolutionary laws that would have been proclaimed immediately after the capture of the Moncada Barracks and would have been broadcast to the nation by radio must be included in the indictment. I carry the teachings of the Master in my heart, and in my mind the noble ideas of all men who have defended people’s freedom everywhere!

Who told them the honor of an army consists of murdering the wounded and prisoners of war? What’s more, anonymous persons daily circulated hundreds of apocryphal pamphlets which announced my rescue from jail. Views Read Edit View history. My purpose is not to bore the court with epic narratives. Finally I asked him if either of these men had died, and he said no.

Do you ask him how many children he has, which days of the week he ate and which he didn’t, do you investigate his social context at all? No example is as inspiring as that of our own land. The penalty shall be imprisonment for from five to twenty years, in the event that insurrection actually be carried into effect.

There is plenty of building material and more than enough manpower to make a decent home for every Cuban. In what battles, where, in what clashes, did these young men die? Then there are all the great things he claims the revolutionary government would have done if they had come to power.

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