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Giraan-gosh which I suppose means to be hard luhgat hearing as opposed to deaf. There seems to be a variance between the way a layman would pronounce Persian derived words ending with a nuun often substituting it with a nuun ghunna instead and the few which follow the ‘original’ method. Mostly used in the Urdu phrase Jauq-dar-jooq, seldom used alone.

Instead they gave a new script Persio-Arabic or Nastaliqwhich was comprehendible to the spoken language of India. Almost everyone who knows something about the Urdu language knows this statement, which is logically incomprehensible, historically incorrect and linguistically misleading.

Would giraan and giraaN both be acceptable to Urdu-Daans here, or is there a distinct correct and an incorrect way? Persian, the most influential of the three, remained the language of invaders, traders and preachers over the centuries. Updated December 30, Pressure on the press A government-controlled body to run the affairs of newspapers is lugjat in sync with the modern concepts of rule.

The Ottoman Turk Empire was established in Previous Thread Next Thread.

Hasan ul Lughat ( Juma) Farsi Urdu

Basic office safety training. Hence all the tens of thousands of words spoken in Urdu containing these sounds have their origin in the early Vedic or middle Vedic era, i. Irrespective of the fact as to who made this statement, why it farso made and when it was initiated for the first time, one thing can be said with utmost certainty that it has profound socio-political and socio-linguistic impact in the Indian Subcontinent for the last years, i.


Alfaaz Senior Member English. Exercises to reduce arthritis pain. Urdu is one such language. I see so comically you mean its given a more literal spin of one being heavy-eared to convey the idea of being burdened? UK Persian – Iran.

Urdu/Persian: گراں گوش

Interestingly, in this list of Turkish Urdu common words, English words like alarm, album, aristocracy, atlas, bank, bureaucracy, depot, coffee, car, code, committee, conference, majesty, etc.

All are words of this language being spoken as the vernacular of early Vedic and middle Vedic period. Dear Foreros, The purpose of this thread is to understand the etymological background behind the term highlighted above i.

Turkish is the only language which was restricted to invaders or rulers whereas Arabic was introduced by traders as well as early invaders which remained restricted to present day Sindh and southern Punjab.

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Consequently it must be disowned if not hated. The dimensions of human misery Arabic, Farsu and Turkish vocabularies were brought to Fari by traders, invaders and preachers. Log in or Sign up. The Arabs put their fafsi on the soil of Sindh in AD but they were in constant contact with the Indian Subcontinent for centuries prior to Islam.

BOTH decision and timing are scarcely believable and will surely give more ammunition to those quarters denouncing The writer, an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad, is an author of a few books and articles on linguistics and human rights syedmanwer yahoo. The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures.

This policy may have socio-political advantages albeit not without socio-political repercussions. Convert mobile to Torch.

Urdu Dictionary applogy Education. Share This Page Tweet.

The most interesting part of this research is that the list of 2, words common in Turkish and Urdu only contains 24 words which are pure Turkish. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

محبت – Wiktionary

Resultantly, there only remain the following 24 words which are pure Turkish they are neither borrowed nor loaned from Persian, Arabic or English. December 31, Economic direction? With a lack of context it could end fadsi meaning having attentive ears, which is the polar opposite. Sangiin without a doubt originates from sang i. Aug 11, However, it would by no means be clear but other members would be better suited to answer your question.


Yes, my password is: From what I understand since heavy items are unwieldy dushwaar and mushkil fit the bill as potential denotations. The popularity of this linguistic and historical misstatement, rather a blunder, reflects how careless we are in believing hearsay without carrying out any scientific research and investigation urvu matters so socio-politically important to us.

These features makes app more worthwhile. Sangiin on its own would simply suggest serious or grave i.

They even invented and farwi new signs or letters for the new sounds which are utterly local to the existing Persio-Arabic script, i. After analysing this empirical data how can one justify that Turkish has anything to do with the development or evolution of the Urdu language?

Party atmosphere set to sweep across major cities in Asia and other continents as the clock ticks past midnight. No, create an account now. It is a Urdu to Urdu Dictionary offline and consists of One Lakh and Twenty Five Thousand words, idioms, phrases, foreign languages words used in Urduscientific and technical terms and their grammatical references.

AlfaazMar 17, If we take this statement as it is even then in a language which has over 3,00, words with the base of more than 80, Lexemes as contained in 21 volumes of Urdu Lughat of Urdu Lughat Board Karachi, a meticulous work completed in 25 years2, words means 0.

Tughra writing of any words in an artistic and complex manner used as in Urdu.