The Art of Wrestling by Fabian von Auerswald. The Art of Wrestling: 85 pieces to the honorable and gracious Electors of Saxony by Fabian von Auerswald. Fabian von Auerswald was a German Renaissance master of Ringen (wrestling). In , at the age of 75, he completed a beautifully. Find the perfect fabian von auerswald black & white image. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need.

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Wheeling the opponent Here I step with my right leg as wide as I can toward his right leg. It was published posthumously in Early New High German.

If I Do not let him fall, then his right leg comes before my right, and I then step with back with my left leg, then he throws me over also. When I am in the hook then I turn my left foot in towards him. Da trette ich mit meinem rechten schenckel schlim zu seinem rechten, Darnach halt dich, wie folgende figur anzeiget. He might spring out in faban of you to perform the Rejected Hip. Break against the short hip When he steps in with his right leg and does the half hip then his foot comes outside my right foot.

Fabian von Auerswald | History of Graphic Design

Random page Recent changes Browse categories Rules of the wiki Help. When he stretches his foot out of the hook towards me, then Voh step with my right leg outside by his right foot, and stretch my thigh. Was ich heb das leg ich.

And always with your thumb in the middle of his hand as you see here. It is a simple action, and yet it will set up many of the following techniques. Then I step out aueeswald my right leg over his right leg and use the hip and pull him over it.


A technique from Fabian von Auerswald, | Ryukyu Bugei 琉球武芸

Ich setze meine lincke Hand auff seinen rechten Arm, und mit meiner rechten Hand erwische ich in. The fork in the hook With my right thigh, I go high, as high as I can and turn around to the left with my body stay up with my leg high in the air then I fall over on top of him. It was auerswalx in the workshop of noted artist Lucas Cranach and printed in Wittemberg by Hans Lufft in Im angreiffen erwische ich im seine lincke hand mit meiner rechten, und zucke dir ubersich, und lauf mit dem Kopff und leibe unter seinem lincken arm hindurch, und tret mit meinem lincken schenckel nach seinem rechten bein, und richt mich auff, so hab ich in auff meiner lincken auetswald gewaltiglich.

In keeping with the spirit of preserving his art, below are a selection of techniques from Ringer kunst: Archetype Transcription by Keith P. fabiqn

When someone has both arms under and presses me to himself with power then I place my right hand under his chin and push him away from me. As your fabain bends downward from you weakening his arm, grab his arm with your left hand and pull him towards you. Wenn ich im abgewinden habe, so kome ich mit meiner rechten Hand an seine rechte Hand, und mit meiner lincken Hand an seinen rechten Elnbogen, und zucke in fur mir uber, und im zucken, wisch ich mit meiner lincken Hand unter seinem rechten Arm hindurch, uber seine Brust, und im zucken, tret ich mit meinem lincken Schenckel hinter seinen rechten, So hebe ich in mit der aueerswald huffe, und bin sein gantz gewaltig.


When he steps in with his right leg and does the half hip then his foot comes outside my right foot. It is gentlemanly of him. Ist der gewinliche trit bey dem Man. This device I do thus: Ken Harding February 10, at 2: Then comes a horrific wrenching of the arm that is woeful that hurts a lot. That is a good aid at least.

A technique from Fabian von Auerswald, 1539

Zum dritten hat er seine hende noch gar dichte zuesamen und verschlossen, damit ihn sein keger, theil, nicht irgend bey einem finger oder daumen ergreiffen kan vnd ihn darnach also zue sich ziehen vnd zue bodem werffen welches auch sonderlich wol sol gerne fabiwn Here I must put my right hand on his right thumb, with the left hand behind his shoulder.

As you are in the middle of stepping back, turn to face away from him and throw him over your leg. This piece is called the weak point of the arms, and means that you strike with your right hand on his left near gabian fist, so that he must bend down.

Lucas Cranach the Elder. Dis ist alleine eine figur oder vezeichung des abwindens uber den Arm, daraus nachfolgendes stucke gehet. Begin by pulling your opponent close to use an outside hook on his leg so that you can keep him from immediately stepping away.