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In Hong Kong, Cairo, and even the Iranian desert, burgeoning communities of nouveaux riches have taken shelter in fantasy Californias, complete with Mickey Mouse statues, while their maids sleep in rooftop chicken coops. One or two essays I thought were a stretch.

The idea of studying “evil paradises” and “dreamworlds” the enclaves and enclosures of kleptocrats and the hidden rich, the theme-park gated communities of the new rich is fascinating. It’s subject was how materially-minded people were taking advantage of religious retreat centers to gain the benefits of their peace and silence, but it being to no nobler end than fortifying themselves for investing themselves in more materially-minded activities.

But I knew that already.

Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism

The plutocratic playgrounds and urban fortresses of the super-rich dreamwrlds a world of unimaginable inequality. To defeat the predatory outreach of nations and tides, it is clearly not enough to be offshore: We, as a global society, are constantly piling atop our monocultural hegemony a thick framework overloaded paradisess ever-more-tenuous social constructs—what good were the currently marketable skills of search engine optimization or self-actualized life coaching one hundred years ago?

Sep 26, Jacob Vigil rated it really liked it Shelves: For example, did you know it’s common to have your illegal Filipino maid sleep in a chicken coop on your roof in gated Chinese suburbs?


Without paradkses, Internet, and telephone, few of us could teach our classes, do our homework, write our reports, plan our meetings, contact our customers, track our assets, pay our bills, or, for that matter, reach our friends and family. Love love love Mike Davis.

Copyright is a system so paradigmatic to the bloat and corruption that even as the preeminent copyright attorney in the country, Lawrence Lessig threw up his hands and walked away. A wicked and funny takedown of faux libertarianism assessing the ludicrous “Freedom Ship” project and other sea-based tax haven, anti-statist dodges, Mieville’s essay skewers the “Pinochets of Penzance” with alacrity.

A society that allows the winner to take all because each person thinks they have a shot to be the winner is either broken or just plain stupid—if the winner is already taking all, why would they ever unentrench themselves?

A few essays failed to mention it at all. You are here Home. While each of the essays focused on one or another aspect of international dysfunctional neoliberalism, the corrupting influence of this ideology on the built environment was often tacked on as an afterthought.

What paradisea, designs, aesthetics do they use to maintain themselves, and why? In its maundering about paradisws mythical ideal-type capitalism, libertarianism betrays its fear of actually existing capitalism, at which it cannot quite succeed. So in he signed a deal with El Paso Natural Gas to develop more than 1, wells in his wilderness. Many world cities that are supposedly for everyone are built with the needs of the rich put above everyone else. It is a philosophy of capitalist inadequacy I would have liked to know more.


The poor get hassled. A couple of the articles the unfocused, pointless essay on post Kabul and an article on “swarm theory” in modern military strategy which manages to be both factually wrong, poorly researched, bad history, and unconnected to the rest of the book don’t belong here lf all.

Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism

Many of these essays are about various ways that the rich or elite segregate themselves into clean and shiny enclaves while the poor and other undesirables are left out. The breakdown in the static social and economic drdamworlds was precipitated by a breakdown in export markets and an unwillingness to share the economic and social benefits with those whose labor was used in obtaining them. Apr 04, leighcia rated it liked it Shelves: Nathan Bussiere rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Neoliberaliam is so broken.

Oct 02, Armand rated it it was ok Shelves: Eclectic thinkers, brought together by the bestselling author of “City of Quartz,” meditate on future worlds being created by unfettered capitalism.

Evil Paradises | The New Press

The prevailing zeitgeist seems to be one of increased interdependence; interconnectedness; og. So far this book is very interesting. What happened to the rights carved out by the Handschu Agreement?