Written well over a century ago, John Uri Lloyd was a visionary who spoke of far distant worlds, dead civilizations, other dimensions and in particular, a world few . Etidorhpa, by John Uri Lloyd, [], full text etext at : Etidorhpa (): John Uri Lloyd: Books. Etidorhpa and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

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Etidorhpa, or, the end of the earth: The word “Etidorhpa” is the backward spelling of the name ” Aphrodite.

Eventually a popular success, the book had eighteen editions and was translated into seven languages. Drury’s adventure culminates in a trek through a cave in Kentucky into etidofhpa core of the earth. Ideas presented in Etidorhpa include practical alchemysecret Masonic orders, the Hollow Earth theory, and the concept of transcending the physical realm.

Etidorhpa belongs to a subgenre of fiction that shares elements of science fiction, fantasyutopian fictionand scientific or pseudoscientific speculation. It imagined another world in the center of a hollow earth. Since Lloyd was etidofhpa pharmacologist, his novel has provoked speculation that drug use contributed to its fantastic and visionary nature.

The complex structure of the books begins with a Preface signed by Lloyd, which presents the frame concept, that Lloyd etdorhpa discovered a thirty-year-old manuscript by Llewellyn Drury in a library.

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Then comes a Prologue in which Drury introduces himself.

Etidorhpa; or, The End of Earth. by John Uri Lloyd

The book’s Chapter I begins the story of how Drury met the mysterious “I-Am-The-Man”, who reads his own manuscript account of his adventures to Drury over many sessions. The mysterious stranger, also iohn as The-Man-Who-Did-It, relates events that supposedly occurred thirty years earlier, during the early part of the nineteenth century.

By his account, the speaker is kidnapped by fellow members udi a secret society, because he is suspected to be a threat to their secrecy. This was likely based on the kidnapping of William Morgan and the start of the Anti-Masonry movement. I-Am-The-Man is taken to a cave in Kentucky; there he is led by a cavern dweller on a long subterranean journey.

Etidorhpa – Wikipedia

It becomes an inner journey of the spirit as much as a geographical trip through etiodrhpa realms. The book blends passages on the nature of physical phenomena, such as gravity and volcanoes, with spiritualist speculation and adventure-story elements like traversing a landscape of giant mushrooms. Subsequent editions of the book added various prefatory and etidorhp materials. Although the secret society is not named, the narrator is made to take an oath by raising his hand and repeating after a man who acts as his guide, “To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to lloydd and perform my oath, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion whatever,” reminiscent of initiatory oaths of multiple degrees in Masonry.


And a man the narrator encounters around the end of the novel says “The future is operative and speculative”, reminiscent of “operative” and “speculative” Freemasonry and the “speculative science and the operative art” in Freemasonry.

John Uri Lloyd: To Infinity And Beyond – Cincinnati Magazine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flannery, John Uri Lloyd: Retrieved from ” https: Books with missing cover.

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