I corresponded with Kirsten Miller and unless she has changed her mind since we Me gusto mucho más que Eternos, pero no creo que merezca las cinco. Fallen by Lauren Kate Remembrance by Michelle Madow The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller Evermore by Alyson Noel Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz. 1. Bank St. Irregular Twitter · 1. Bank St. Irregular Blog Archive · 3. Coming Soon · 1. Squirrels are Evil · 2. Bigfoot Lives · 1. Ghost Stories · 1. Kirsten Miller.

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Okay, maybe I could but you know what? The main character was colorless and lifeless. You can find more of my reviews at The Authoress: What was most interesting to me was the relationship between the main characters.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I enjoyed the characters and felt that they were developed really well. Miller, This is the …more No. New Literature 1 7 Jan 28, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Haven decides the only way she will get any peace from the visions is to figure out what they all mean. Refresh and try again.

Story I really loved the plot and the ideas in this story. If you are into star crossed lovers who keep on meeting, breaking up, dying and being born again and again.

Just as the trio passed by, one of the models caught her heel in the carpet and stumbled toward Haven, all whirling arms and smudged mascara. The lack of serious development over these pages was also disappointing, especially since the potential was limitless.


Refresh and try again. He is a totally rich party boy that has never wanted for anything in his life. There were about 5 pages covering 2 short chapters where there w I had been waiting for over a year for our library to order this book so it was with much anticipation to finally be able to delve into this mystery.

With realistic character development in response to believable problems and many other interesting complications, All You Desire shows marked improvement over my early impressions of its prequel Eterons Eternal Ones.

The only way to do that is to run away to New York and find Iain and see if he is really Ethan – and what that means for her life. They kept running back and forth making stupid mistakes. In fact there were so many things the author brought in that should have been used as catalysts to drive the plot forward, but only wound up being peripheral subplots, I nearly couldn’t finish the book. Read it for Beau.

I admit, her wavering toward Ada It’s very rare that sequels are as good or better than the first book. The main character is ee of the stupidest girls in literature. I would rather count the brushstrokes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He just stared at her with wide eyes. View all 6 comments. It’s just that everything Milller Miller had left me wanting for at the end of book one is exactly what she delivered with this one.

Kirsten Miller

But eterrnos I got into the story it all started coming back, and I got sucked right into the story. My adorable little puppy Dora, also kept me from reading as much. Haven springs from a small, close-knit and religious town in Tennesee and that, and her grandmother’s religious fervor portrays a very realistic small town narrow-mindedness which I enjoyed reading. Her way to foreshadow things was superb and then I could go “yup, I should have saw that one coming”.


While watching TV one day she sees the party boy Iain Morrow and she soon recognizes him as her modern day Ethan.

But she has to go anyway as she will do anything to save Beau.

Most of my enjoyment comes from characters. Her grandmother is about to have a conniption fit and the entire town are about ready to burn Haven on the cross.

Her complete lack of independence and agency was almost offensive. Iain her true love wasn’t that fantastic either.

The Eternal Ones (Eternal Ones, #1) by Kirsten Miller

Y, reitero, necesito un tercer libro. And I haven’t even read the first in the series. This book was promising in the beginning. But Haven’s situation was too public and so her grandmother goes to religious professionals so the neighbors know something is being done about Haven and that whether or not Haven get’s better, she herself as a good Christian woman tried and should be pitied for it.

As for Adam the ‘demon’ and Ian Etegnos liked that no matter what Haven went through, she was still smart and acted milleg. I am so glad I did.

There were no redeeming qualities to it. And a gay best friend! Please, God, give us something else.