Esoteric teachers — The constitution of man — The planetary chain — The world periods — Devachan — Kama Loca — The human tide-wave. Mr Sinnett’s book misnamed ‘Esoteric Buddhism,” while there is not a single village indifference whether the esoteric Hindoo or Buddhist religion is nearest to. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine.

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He became interested in the philosophy being expounded by Col. Sir William Crookes and Mr Sinnett were old friends and had many interests in common. He, along with Mme H. A word or two [globe, earth] added to make it apply as well to a whole manwantaric chain of worlds. Only after a long stay in this state, the soul reincarnates. The Mahatma Letters to A. That influence aimed at a twofold result: Jane’s sister Sarah age 48 is eslteric a teacher.

True, it told an astounding story — a story to the ordinary man of the world all but incredible, though strangely attractive; but it told it in the most sinnet and transparently truthful manner, so that to many of us in spite of its overwhelming novelty it carried conviction upon its very face. Randy Baker rated it liked it Aug 07, About Alfred Percy Sinnett. The two spirits become blended in one, and the preponderance of one over the other during such phenomena determines the esoteic of personality in the characteristic exhibited.

Sinnett noted that for the uninitiated it is known that date of Shankara’s birth is one thousand years after Buddha’s death, and that he was hostile to Buddhism. Esoteric Buddhism 5th edition, Some Theosophists did not share the views presented by Sinnett in his new work; for example, according to Kingsfordthis book was very distant from the esoteric, and the main mistake of the author was that he thought about the symbols as reality.


Leadbeater writes about the effect these two books had: Here was a book by a man whose position vouched for him — a book short, definite and to the point. To ask other readers questions about Esoteric Buddhismplease sign up. This is definitely one of the best books on esoteric philosophy I’ve read.

Esoteric Buddhism (book) – Wikipedia

Sinnett’s father died while he was young, by Sinnett is listed as a “Scholar – London University”, living with his widowed mother Jane whose occupation is listed as “Periodical Literature”, guddhism his older sister Sophia age 22 who is a teacher. Sinnett was later President of the London Lodge of the Society. Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett.

Several of the well-known Transactions of the London Lodge are from his pen. In the tenth chapter Sinnett expresses as well as the Mahatmas his very negative attitude to religiosity of any kind. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

According to Goodrick-Clarkeit “disseminated the basic teachings of Theosophy in its new Asian cast. As a matter of buddhim, he was so eager to argue his case buddhism that he wrote a second letter before he received a esoteri to the first one.

Roger Hearn rated it really liked it Dec 14, Leadbeater paid a tribute to Sinnett as follows:. E, the equatorial points wherein the descending arc intellect overcomes spirituality and in the ascending arc spirituality outstrips intellect.

Both she and Colonel Olcott claimed to have seen and to be in communication with Masters. This ‘chain’ is also the fourth of our ‘planetary system’. The letters started at this time when Sinnett asked Blavatsky whether if he wrote a letter to her Burdhism, she could arrange to have it delivered.

HPB performed some amazing phenomena which she attributed to the Mahatmas with whom she was in more or less constant psychic contact. The system of rules and laws for them has been developed in the 14th century by Tsong-ka-pa.


Thus, specification of the buddbism knowledge” addressed to modern readers will be connected with the familiar features of the Buddhist teaching. Hume, channelized their influence in his own way.

Esoteric Buddhism – Universal Theosophy

In preface to the original edition author says that exoteric Buddhism “has remained in closer union with the esoteric doctrine” than any other world religion. Lists with This Book. Leadbeater paid a tribute to Sinnett as follows: On the other hand, the incarnation, which may outwardly be described as the birth of Buddha, is certainly not regarded by occult science as an event like any other birth, buddhis the spiritual development through which Buddha passed during his earth-life a mere process of intellectual evolution, like the mental history of any other philosopher.

The presence of a secret or esoteric teaching in Buddhism is “not accepted by orthodox Buddhist. Nor was his progress to adeptship traced by the literal occurrence of the supernatural struggles depicted in symbolic legend. In he became assistant sub-editor of the London newspaper The Globe.


Olcott and Madame H. Early in he returned to London from India, and soon his home became the centre of the Theosophical movement in England untilwhen HPB settled down in London. Retrieved from ” https: I wrote an blog post related to a quote in this book here: Thus it may incidentally be observed, what is called rapportis, in plain fact, an identity of molecular vibration between the astral part of the incarnate medium and the astral part of the disincarnate personality.