Epurbloc/VEnto P6 Eco Septic Tank super low profile septic tank. Anaerobic pre-treatment – 8 steps in the Epurbloc® septic tank. System 1 of PE = Epurbloc® + FD + CHAS + Compact • System 2 of . EPURBLOC® or settling tank “Performance” 3 stamped CE with detachable EPURBLOC® rectangular or cylindrical .. Ribbed rectangular Epurbloc®

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In cases of twin cisterns, it is essential to install a bed of reinforced stabilized sand 30cm deep to support the tubes and joints connecting the two cisterns. Outlet of infiltration bed of a vertical flow, drained sand filter.

The minimum allowed volume for an all water septic tank is 3 litres.

The optional riser is simply threaded into place. Installation above ground, fix metallic bands in the housing destined for the pre-filter, designed to increase resistance of the cistern to the combined effect of water and filtrate material pressures epugbloc All plantations above and at least 3 meters from the purification system are forbidden III. The Epurbloc septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type of tank thanks to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features:.

Non-execution, poor execution epurblof delayed execution of a contract article CC 1. Removal of floating material, followed by the sludge, must be carried out in a manner to not disturb the settlement phases hat, liquid and bed of sludge and at the same time, remove as little of the liquid phase as is possible It would be preferable for the waste epurblco to be equipped with a system to reduce the extracted matter and to store the floating matter separately from the sludge to maximize its use II.

Excellent lasting power against aggressive agents in wastewater sulphur anhydrides degrading concrete corrosion from surrounding environment acid soils Quality Assurance ISO It can be cut to adapt the chamber 30000 to the terrain It is designed to eliminate all risk of puncturing, deformation or collapse of the chambers Side backfilling with sand free from any pointy or cutting object and taking into account settling of the ground, All plantations above and at least 3 meters from epirbloc purification system are forbidden III.


The Epurbloc Septic Tank L The Epurbloc septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type of tank thanks to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features: Meeting to installation restrictions, security and guaranteeing optimal resistance to compression: The level of the inlet point to the unit must take into account: Domestic wastewater first settles then ferments under the action of bacterial anaerobes leading to partial liquefaction of the sludge Outlet baffle OUT of the septic tank or settling tank, designed to collect this pre-treated domestic wastewater, now less concentrated in Suspended Organic Matter S.

Geotextile anti-puncture option sold separately 9. Emptying must be done as often as necessary in relation to the stocked volume. Screw the threaded riser to the device.

Sotralentz EPURBLOC sewage tank with filter

Organic matter forms a biomass due to the development of aerobic bacteria. Because we are a family run business rather than a franchise, we can maintain competitive pricing on all our products — we are one of the largest septic tank suppliers in the UK.

When the ventilation is slotted into the outlet downstream of the septic tank, only residual gases are captured and vented epurbooc the rest period between arrivals of raw wastewater because of low pressure in the Higher ventilation pipe. In effect, an inadequate pre-treatment of wastewaters, may compromise the functioning of the downstream purification system.

At the extremity of infiltration beds of non-drained vertical sand filters, in reconstituted soil 3. Reference to the bands must be made on 3000 of the pre-filter or grease extractor Imperatively, the grease extractor and pre-filter must be installed Above ground placement Double-Skin – within a masonry enclosure with perpends – to a height of 45 cm for the SG andthe FD and – to a height of 60 cm for the SG andthe FD and 1 Screw thread of the device.


Sotralentz EPURBLOC 3000 sewage set with drainage area

Raw sewage wastewater first settles and then ferments under the action of bacterial anaerobes leading to partial liquefaction of the sludge Outlet baffle OUTdesigned ephrbloc collect this pre-treated and less concentrated domestic wastewater and direct the flow towards a pre-filter SL-FD before trapping the Suspended Organic Matter S.

Suspended Organic Matter S. Two Access Covers In side for monitoring and emptying Epubloc side for monitoring and cleaning of the “Pre Filter” Hight adjustable covers with optional risers Horizontal and Vertical Reinforcement Ribs Reduce the amount of excavation debris Reduce the volume of infill Increase resistance Reduce excavation size Shallow installation depth.

Each installation case should be studied in depth by a specialist 300 in the domain of independent sewage and wastewater disposal. At the start of all works, there must be available the means to prove the existence of an insurance contract covering this responsibility.

The flatness and horizontalness of the bed must be assured. It must be placed stably and horizontally directly onto the base, at the downstream extremity of the vertical drained sand filter.

Sotralentz EPURBLOC 3000 sewage tank with filter

Cap must remain apparent and show from ground level, as current regulation laws demand. Public spaces, cafes, car parks, public W.

Emptying is to be done every four 4 years, but in particular circumstances linked to the peculiarities of the works or the occupancy of the building, to be duly justified by the constructor or the occupant, the frequency can be changed In case of clogging or saturation, the mesh spurbloc filtering material must be cleaned following the guidelines below: