Looking for EPFO SSA model question papers? Feb |Updated: Feb- |Category: Misc Placement Papers |Author: Jyoti |Member. In another previous blog article titled: EPFO Recruitment (SSA) Notification, Eligibility & Forms, I had covered how to apply for this exam. In the subsequent blog article, I would give you the EPFO SSA exam pattern with sample papers and books to help you prepare for the exam.

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If the sum of the ages of the children in the family is years, what is the ratio of the ages of the husband to the wife? Controlling all the operating units d. Xerography is a process of a.

EPFO SSA Solved Sample Paper for Office Work Aptitude

Which of the following is the latest communication device? Top Contributors Today Last 7 Days ishaan 5. Then you are in the right place. Systematic recording of documents in the office is called a. Mimeograph is a a. Avoidance of noise d. In an electronic computer the device used to transform the information from common language into machine language is a.


Papef is the subject matter of this blog post. Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic. Analyzing the actual performance 2.

The main advantage of open office is a. In the following number series, only one number is wrong. Swa the process of controlling office management, certain steps are normally taken. File movement register keeps track of a.

The primary function of an office is a. Lithography Ans c How many people had gathered? Purchase a computer outright b.

EPFO SSA sample paper , Books and Practice question paper | All Entrance Exam Papers

Following blog post has been updated with a recent article qjestion Objectives and Management d. Functional organization Ans a It saves time because of its speed b.

Access us on Mobile! Computer hardware refers to a. Method of maintaining statistical books Ans c 8. Awards Top Earners New Posts. The end product of final information obtained from the computer Ans a In the first place, bookmark our website for more details.

Method of filing b. Sleep for dreams and wakeup for aims. The amount of simple interest accrued on a principal amount of Rs. Organization and Method c.

Accountant Ans c First, use above all provided information for proper preparation. London time is five and a half hours behind Delhi time.


EPFO SSA Exam pattern, Papers & Books | Career Quips

It insures much greater accuracy Ans d In the following number series only one number is wrong. Main function of the computer d. A company in need of computer service may epffo.

Centralization of mailing services means a. Establishing the standards of performance The correct sequence of the steps to be taken is: Mail sent out to customers] c.

EPFO Social Security Assistant (SSA) Previous Paper 2007

Incoming and outgoing mailing operations ans b Method of photocopying c. The purpose of this bl As well as if you have any doubts feel free to ask. Minimum requirement set by EPFO is key depressions per hour. Operating cost of decentralized organization is low Uqestion c