Enlarge Breasts with the Right Diet

Having beautiful and full breasts is the dream of most women around the world. Unfortunately, the way that is still popular today is to undergo surgery with high costs and risks.

This is a big problem and makes young women less confident. To overcome this, there are quite easy ways that can be done, namely the right diet to increase estrogen intake into your body.

Estrogen is a “female hormone”, which is responsible for shaping the body to become more “curvaceous” and making the breasts appear bigger. This is also the reason why so many women want their breasts to grow.

The problem with estrogen itself is quite simple. You need to know, during puberty, this hormone is pumped throughout the body, so that makes a girl become a woman

Estrogen is what initiates the menstrual cycle of Eve, making the female body more “filled” and starting the development of the breast. This is very important, and the reason why many women do not have breast dreams is that they are out of puberty too early, so that breast development is not optimal.

Since the age of 12-16 years, a woman’s body is full of estrogen. This is puberty, and this is when many changes occur. However, when puberty stops, the estrogen content in your body decreases dramatically, so that breast size does not change during adult life.

This means, to make your breasts grow bigger naturally, you need to consume more estrogen. Fortunately, estrogen can be obtained naturally from plants.

Estrogen is present in plants as “phytoestrogens”. Because it is available naturally, you can get it by eating foods from flaxseed or soybeans like tofu tempeh.

Actually, many foods contain high estrogen levels. However, it would be best if you also were careful because certain estrogen levels can be effective, but can also cause unwanted side effects. Therefore, to be safe, it’s good to consult your estrogen intake with your doctor!