Historical thriller set against the backdrop of China’s ancient Tsong Dynasty. : El lector de cadáveres () by Antonio Garrido and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. El lector de cadáveres by Antonio Manuel Garrido Molina at – ISBN X – ISBN – Espasa Libros, S.L. –

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Since there are only about 5 paragraphs to be found about the man, Aontonio Garrido had license to make a great fe. Especially since Ci didn’t seem to care about his sexuality after the first shock lsctor. At first glance, it’s right up my alley. This is not always the case with translated novels and so often the translations can ruin what is actually a good story. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Descriptions are acceptable, but given this unusual setting, they could have been a real highlight for today’s western readers.

And that’s the triumph of this fiction-from-fact, that who killed the corpses Ci reads becomes much less important than finding out how Ci will discover the truth.

Everything is very carefully constructed on a foundation of personal achievement and permeates every facet of your life. The only negative I have with this novel is that at times I felt like I was reading a biography. I listened the the audio book version of this and the narration wasn’t bad, but i question the author in making two main characters have such similar names that while spelled differently came across as sounding the same out loud.

That book too was loosely based on real life. A great summer read! The cover jacket suggests that The Corpse Reader is paying homage to Song Ci, the founder of what we consider forensic science to be. I feel this is essential to the full experience and enjoyment of this work.


He’s loving, kind, smart, and resourceful. I think this work is his homage to Umberto Eco, though much less esoteric. I loved ek out about all the d This book was wonderful, so different to anything I’ve ever read before.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres

Set within such a restrictive society, the young student has few opportunities and fewer lucky breaks. It was one of the few books that I have come across that had a bit of everything I like in literature.

It’s obvious a lot of research was put into this novel. Really, it was rather like having a date with the hottest guy–and I mean hot, really hot, in the dangerous, really good tattoos kind of way, which is the only analog for 13th century China, corpses, police procedural, and textual interpretation I can think of–you’ve ever picked up in a bar.

Ci Song has such ear 4. He can tell when the death occured, how, and who the person could have been before being killed. I enjoyed the slow mystery twist in the end. I don’t read many mysteries. Ci is now slave labor to his oldest brother. As I read it, I kept seeing parallels to other historical mysteries: This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Help!!!

But the author never met a deus he didn’t try to machina. I’m new to this site and very pleased to find a community of like minded bibliophiles. It was a historical fiction about a real, but little known man. Ci may be a sav Simultaneously ingenious, compelling, and frustrating.

A strong three stars. He’s definitely the one character I will remember best.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres : Antonio Garrido :

With all it’s flaws aside, I really encourage you read The Corpse Reader; go ahead, dip your toe into the stream, and let yourself be carried back to 13th century China. As I stated earlier, this story had most of the elements of literature that I like.


How it ended certainly helped, even if I still have questions. I look up and there is a full moon. Many criticize what they feel is an overly long and slow beginning. It also opens up the subject of women and their hitherto unrecognized role in what we glibly call the Dark Ages.

Most of his giant leaps of inspiration were stupid. Everyone seems to love this book on Goodreads.

This is a very good story, but I felt there was something lost in translation. It was plane and at times confusing opened with a mean brother then jumped to living in a city and the brother was in the country??? Cadsveres read a lot of historical fiction so it’s not a problem that’s specific to Garrido, but to a lot of authors where they are giving us readers a lot of information thankfully and it reads as a text book instead of a novel unfolding.

I found this book in a bargain bin and thought it sounded interesting. There were a few small anachronisms, mainly in characters’ speech patterns which were sometimes a little too 20th century English colloquial, and I’m still not certain about the Chinese ants, but nothing jolted me out of the story so I’ll let the age at foot-binding go. Open Preview See a Problem? View all 3 comments. I’m not dde how much of Ci and Song’s stories were similar, but moments in this novel felt less organic than others with regards to storytelling.

The violence is overwhelming to me Trivia About The Corpse Reader. It just felt flat.