The Book of Dede Korkut or Book of Korkut Ata is the most famous among the epic stories of the .. Alpamysh · Epic of Köroğlu · Chora Batir or Chora Batyr · Oghuznama · Edigu (also written Edigey or Idige); Jangar · Ergenekon legend · Epic of. Semen Lipkin (Kazan, ) (Lipkin’s translation into Russian had been completed back in ); Idegåy. Tatar xaliq dastani (Kazan, ); Edigey Destani, ed. Türk Destanları Destan Nedir? Destan, milletlerin hayatında büyük yankılar uyandırmış tarihî, toplumsal (savaş, göç, istilâ gibi) veya doğal.

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Book of Dede Korkut – Wikipedia

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The majority of the Turkic peoples and lands described in the Book of Dede Korkut were part of the Soviet Union from untiland thus most of the research and interest originated there. New York, Chelsea House.

Liverpool, Liverpool University Press: Problems persisted all the way to perestroikawhen the last full edition in Azerbaijani language was sent for publication on July 11,but received permission for printing only on February 2, Madras, Institute of Asian Studies. He takes Agrippinilla, the most corrupt woman in Rome and the secret lover of his key advisor as his bride.

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