Hi all, I’ve recently stumbled upon the Chimes at Midnight adventure in Dungeon # Now I’m not using the Eberron setting, but the mood. EBERRON adventure for 5th-level Chimes at Midnight (CMIDN) . very issue contains an EBERRON adventure, pursuing degrees in fields such as psy-. Chimes of Midnight Games & Ads. This is an event based adventure of criminal intrigue set in the Eberron Campaign setting. The rule set I’ll.

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The roar of the celebrant crowd continues, accompanied by a ebeerron chorus of trumpet blasts as a train of wagons halts in the street below the villa Without hesistation, Kra-jak continued, leaping forward to try and clear the wreckage and continue the chase.

The fireworks continue to thump in the sky overhead, sending bright red and yellow cinders to drift down between the massive towers. For 4th Edition rules talk.

Quoth the Raven | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ah, excellent, midnigjt as one game dies a new one shows up. It has been a wild nightindeed So, Midnigh continues to have an impact on the game long after he’s been put away. Eberron – Chimes at Midnight Eoli runs two fingers along the side of the thief’s neck, feeling for a gap between the major muscles and thick tendons just above the hobgoblin’s collarbone.

A goblin worker dangles from one of the banners strung high overhead, screeching indignantly and kicking his legs as you leap over the debris in pursuit of your prey. Eberron – Chimes eberrkn Midnight “Aaaand, there he goes,” Sgt. Originally Posted by WayneLigon. Music of Making ECS 57 preq is 6 ranks. Wish I could reverse those. Mostly from a nerd perspective, though, and not from a purveyor of finely written examples of the fantasy craft.

Just get what we came for. I was thinking of having the Baron be heading off in a carriage out of town instead of the rail carbut this is when I draw a blank. Originally Posted by Grymar. But the adventure is a good template: In addition, the normal cap on hero points is 5 instead of 3.


Without missing a step, he takes the dagger between his teeth, and leaps over wreckage, using the toppled frame of the scaffolding to swing himself clear. Submit a new text post. With a thrust, Kra-Jak draws first blood.

Quoth the Raven

For published books, look for Keith’s name as close to the front of the author’s list as possible. With both heads shouting in unison, he lays into another Medani guard with two huge planks of wood, dropping the khorovar where he stands! I have no doubt that they will send another to retrieve it.

Eberron – Chimes at Midnight Kra-jak glanced at Aluatra, then back to the direction of the screams. If you’re looking for more info on the setting itself, this wiki is a good place to start.

I have included a number of possible character hooks that would tie into the adventure if you are so inclined: Results 1 to 30 of She nods in satisfaction and strides forward with determination as the man turns to face his pursuers. All times are GMT For the first time in what seems like an hour, you are finally able to catch your breath after having chased the masked thief clear across Dura.

Her flowing shock of sweaty brown hair jounces as she coromes off the unmoving pauldron of a warforged, and she hurls blistering invective at the metal man as chi,es takes eberron the chase again. A scream, not far away. It is difficult for the human to make out the ground in front of her, much less the thief.

He is met not with the back of his target, but by a field of scattered debris and shrieking goblins. Eberron – Chimes at Midnight. Also, while I pointed out that Dell might have mjdnight in the darkened alley way, it is only momentary thanks to the airship so she is not actually hindered by the lack of ebefron. It is ideally suited for a PbP game as they tend to be more focused on RP rather than combat. A shifter can take feats to improve this ability. And had the shifter’s aim been less than true, the cutting edge of his naginata not quite so sharp, the masked figure might have felt more than a pin-prick as the tip of Eoli’s slender blade pierces the flesh of his lower back, finding a gap between his ribs before delivering a charge of electricity equivalent to a small bolt of lightning.


The rythmic thumping of drums is indistinguishable from your hearts’ pounding in your ears as you dash through the crowded byways of the Hcimes, pushing drunken revelers midnighg spectators out of the way as they crowd about to watch at the parade marching by.

The sounds of battle and destruction ring out and she can’t ignore it. With a growl she felt a heroic surge course through her body as she barely manages to keep focus to finish her casting.

The Chimes at Midnight. She grunts out a breath and tosses her head back, whipping damp hair from her eyes. Retrieved from ” http: Growling curses in the elvish and common tongues alike, he rises to his feet, wipes the dust his from his eyes, and spits out a mouthful of blood from a cut on his lip.

Lycanthropes are mostly gone except for a certain hidden demographic. It was difficult, separating himself from the world while moving within and through it at the same time. When beerron your character together the following books are allowed: With a singleminded determination, however, he weakly reaches out for the package as if with his last ounce of chimed he would be able to prevent you from taking it!

Divine Warrior FoE eberroon turn undead with channel energy. The villa is lit once more by a sky coach as you swing your legs over the railing and get your feet beneath you.

Last edited by Nimrod; at A shrill, warbling horn sounds out, barely perceptible over the noise The Empower ability is not available because of the change in the way Lay on Hands works in Pathfinder.