Alberto Manguel visits a Dublin that is haunted by the ghosts of modern literature. Vila-Matas Plots His Own Awakening in The Illogic of Kassel. The Triumphant Humiliation of Enrique Vila-Matas. . Anne McLean, Dublinesca, Reino Unido. Enrique Vila-Matas (born March 31, in Barcelona) is a Spanish novelist. He is the author In he has returned once more to the novel with Dublinesca, a book that deals with a publisher in crisis, as the author explains: ‘He was a.

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Besides, I don’t pay attention to those kinds of details. To be honest, I typed something incorrectly and then the window closed, so I can’t blame Goodreads.

And, above all, what’s even harder: So he is at the funeral for this person, and compares it to the funeral for the end of the age of print that he set up. Paolo Di Paoloter. Mondello for Multiculturality Award: In his room in Lyon, over the course of endless hours spent locked away, he devoted himself to a theory of the duublinesca that, based on the lessons apparent to him dubpinesca moment he opened The Opposing Shoreestablished five elements he considered essential for the novel of the future.

Enrique Vila-Matas : An English Page

I am convinced that only by tracking down the labyrinth of the No can the paths still open to the writing of the future appear sigue leyendo. Literary matzs, indeed literature as a way of life, are stitched into the fabric of this book, and a love of Joyce particularly Ulysses and other Irish writers particularly Beckett is required to get the most out of it.


Then he thinks, maybe not. I have twenty years of experience visiting Ireland.

Enrique Vila-Matas

Samuel Riba, Villa-Matas’ protagonist, is a retired publisher much concerned with the end of the Gutenberg age of print and its replacement by the burgeoning digital age. But maybe it was the alcohol that helped the introverted young man Riba once had been to become an alpha-wolf of a publisher.

He acts as though he’s entered our living room. In fact, Vila-Matas cites Ulysses at such length and with such frequency that Dublinesque becomes an elaborate homage to Joyce’s book interspersed with nods to Samuel Beckett, Philip Larkin and many other famous literary names.

He mourns the death of the Gutenberg Galaxy era, the passing from the epoch of the printed word to the digital age. New York Journal of books. View all 11 comments. So this books is not really about whether the death of an individual or an era is more tragic; it is about whether this specific character’s pathetic-ness is more tragic than any of it.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Marcello Foissec.

Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas – review

Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas is the story of a Spanish retired publisher, Riba, whose marriage and newly-sober life is not-so-slowly crumbling as he sits endlessly before his computer screen, reminding himself of the Japanese youth who become recluses hidden with their computers.

January 2, Critical note in Three Percent: The introduction of Samuel Beckett towards the end of the book as Riba seems to be plunging to his own “ground level of being” was resonant. natas

Open Preview See a Problem? Uneven, as they say, but really enjoyable for the likes of me not everyone — you sort of have to love books and writers and “high lit” in general, or at least really want to learn about this stuff — this is the sort of book that leads to a longer “to-read” list. May I have become increasingly enamored with Enrique Vila-Matas Even if this is a weekend celebrating Scottish tradition and poet Robert Burns i will pay a visit to an Irish pub due to Mr Matas.


Vila-Matas tells us about Riba, who has lost himself as a person behind the catalogue of books he has published in his life: Este es un punto intermedio. His publishing house is defunct, his vocation Dublinesque is a wonderful portrait of sorrow, escapist dreams and sinister returns.

Felt like it went on 60 pages too long as it repeated and maybe sort of resolved everything emphasized in the sparkling first half or so — felt like it wasted way too much space wrapping things up almost a quarter of its total length.

Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas

I love Joyce and Beckett so I was delighted. I guess I think not. Riba selbst ist Literatur. The best part of the book were the meditations on whether he even knows who he is anymore because he has gotten so buried by his “catalogue” – i. Maurizio Cucchiter. Letizia Muratori dubllnesca, ter.