I Am a Strange Loop [Douglas R. Hofstadter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of our greatest philosophers and scientists of the mind. Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Best Books of the Month, March : I Am a Strange Loop eBook: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Kindle Store. Scott O’Reilly loops the loop with Douglas Hofstadter.

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I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter | Issue 78 | Philosophy Now

Conveniently, the core ideas of the book hofstadtsr come together in Chapter 20, featuring a dialogue a form familiar to GEB readersbetween two characters, Hofstadtwr Loops andwho represent, respectively, Hofstadter and an imaginary skeptic. More fundamentally, however, Hofstadter offers a distinctive vision of the human condition: Where is the something-it-is-like to be me? Where are my qualia? Specifically, one could object that the ways in which the self-referential patterns emerge in the two cases do not seem to be analogous at all.

I Am a Strange Loop: Douglas R. Hofstadter: : Books

But does this analogy really hold? As Hofstadter himself writes: In other words, the representational power of the formal system described in Principia Mathematica is merely the condition of the possibility of the emergence of a strange loop, not its cause. Now, Hofstadter would surely respond as follows: The sole root of all these strange phenomena is perception, bringing symbols and nofstadter into physical systems.


And then, when perception twists back and focuses on itself, as it inevitably will, you get rich, magical-seeming consequences. Magical-seeming, mind you, but not truly magical.

You get a level-crossing feedback loop whose apparent solidity dominates the reality of everything else in the world SL,my emphasis in bold. The most obvious objection here, from an idealist-phenomenological perspective, is of course hofstqdter this symbolic, meaningful perception presupposes consciousness: But this makes the following question all the more pressing: In other words, consciousness and physical necessity, as characterized by Hofstadter, do not seem to be conceptually compatible; it does not seem possible to for him to have his cake and eat it too.

As a result, the fundamental question that Strange Loop was meant to answer is posed anew: And for this reason, his Strange Loop is well worth incorporating into your own.

It could be noted, first of all, that the slightly hofstaddter hypothesis that human beings perceive colours differently as a result of slight variations in their sense organs is not at all implausible from an empirical point of view; it is an established fact.


Is it philosophically justifiable to invoke qualia here or will social convention do the trick in which case the ostensible qualia drop out as irrelevant anyway, empirical im plausibility notwithstanding? Remember me on this computer.

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