L’Anatomia del Gray (Gray’s Anatomy, nell’originale inglese) è un manuale medico-chirurgico di anatomia umana normale 1 DIVISION DEL MEDIASTINO: . TC y RM del mediastino 2 Abdomen Fascias y músculos de la pared anterolateral del Descripción de la anatomía en relación con la posición anatómica de referencia. División simpática (toracolumbar) del sistema nervioso autónomo. 6, Clavícula izquierda. 7, Vena subclavia izquierda. 8, Cabeza del húmero izquierdo. 9, Espina de la escápula. 10, Proceso espinoso.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objectivo: To assess results in patients with primary cysts and tumours of the mediastinum who underwent surgery. A retrospective single-centre study was undertaken into patients with primary cysts and tumours of the mediastinum who underwent surgery between January and December We analysed demographic data, clinical mediastuno, type of surgery carried out and.

Liposarcoma gigante de mediastino Giant mediastinal liposarcoma.

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divisioon This article presented a case of well-differentiated liposarcoma located in the mediastinum, which is a rare location. The patient was a 48 years-old man that was admitted to the pneumothysiology service because he was short of breath and had a mediastinal mass located near left hemithorax. He was studied using anteroposterior and lateral thoracic radiography in mediastnio to computerized tomography. It was necessary to urgently perform thorachotomy due to his acute clinical picture with mediastinal compression.

The patient evolved positively during surgery and afterwards; at present, he has finished his adjuvant treatment based on radiotherapy and chemotherapy and he feels good. Full Text Available Resumo: Mediastinal lymphangioma is a rare vascular neoplasm, accounting for 0.

It is a benign tumorgenerally anatomia as a mediastinal mass of slow growth. Most patients are asymptomatic, being incidentally diagnosed after a routine chest radiograph. The best treatment consists of complete surgical resection.

Prognosis depends on the degree of resecability degree, and recurrence is not expected if the lesion is totally removed. Mediastinal tumorlymphangioma, mediastinal cyst. Full Text Available Mediastinal lymphangioma is a rare vascular neoplasm, accounting for 0. Primary mediastino pulmonary tuberculosis in infancy. Primary mediastino pulmonary tuberculosis in infancy is increasing in France.

Bacteriological diagnosis is difficult. The aim of the study is to assess the value of chest radiograph and CTscan for diagnosis of tuberculosis. We studied 15 infants, 3 month old to 18 month old, between November and June On plain film, lymphadenopathies were present in 13 cases and parenchymal disease in 10 cases, parenchymal nodular densities in 6 cases and pleural effusion in one case, displacement of the trachea in 6 cases.

We found CTscan to divosion useful in delineating the lymphadenopathies and parenchymal changes. In 2 cases lymphadenopathies and in 2 cases alveolar condensation were discovered on CT scan as plain film was normal.

In all cases lymphadenopathies were present in CTscan, often in right side and in al cases, lymphadenopathies were hypodense with peripheral enhancement.

In conclusion, the association of right paratracheal nodes with displacement of trachea and alveolar consolidation is common in tuberculosis in infants. These findings when seen on chest radiographs must lead to divisio a CTscan and suggest the diagnosis.


We report on a case of a year-old female, patient, who presented with clinical signs suggestive of myasthenia gravis over a period of approximately 3 months. The therapeutic option using neostigmine gave an improvement of the dysphagia and palpebral ptosis.

A chest radiograph image demonstrated a mass occupying the medium mediastinum with projection to the right. Computed tomography of the thorax revealed the presence of a mass in the medium mediastinum, and thus surgery mediastimo inicated.

During the operation the was was observed in the medium mediastinum suggesting thymoma. What caught our attention was the unusual location of the tumor as normally thymomas are found in the upper and anterior mediastinum. Todos os doentes cram sintomaticos. Os doentes sao habitualmente sintomaticos. A radiografia de torax e a TAC mostram uma massa. Tumor del estroma gastrointestinal Tumor of the gastrointestinal stroma.

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The tumors of the gastrointestinal stroma, known in English language as GIST gastrointestinal stromal tumors are mesenchymal tumors appearing in any place throughout the intestinal tract. The objective of present paper is to present the case of a female patient aged 60 came to Genecology consultation of the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology due pain in epigastrium irradiating to right flank with increase of volume in the right iliac fossa and by ultrasonography it is a tumor of right ovarium projecting to epigastrium and the right hypochondrium.

The surgical intervention is described as well as the findings noted in macro- and microscopic studies. En este trabajo presentamos nuestra experiencia reciente en su manejo. Neoplasias del sistema inmune: Intervencion psicoeducativa en adolescentes con tumores del sistema nerviosos central. Como tratamento neoadjuvante foram usadas radioterapia e quimioterapia.

Herein, we describe the case of a year-old female presenting with paraganglioma of the anterior and middle mediastinum and bilateral pulmonary nodules. Treatment consisted of pulmonary resection by anterior bilateral thoracotomy and transverse sternotomy, in which the paraganglioma was excised with the aid of extracorporeal circulation. As neoadjuvant treatments, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were applied. Postoperative evolution was uneventful, and the patient was classified as asymptomatic after 14 months.

Rev Port Pneumol ; XI 2: We herein report a case of a male patient, who presented a mediastinal mass that had a slow growth over the years. After surgery, that made the diagnosis of idiopathic mediastinal fibrosis, the growth stabilized. Four years latter it was observed a substantial increase which lead to the inevitable compression of vital structures which, in turn, led to pulmonary hypertension.

Idiopathic mediastinal fibrosis is an extremely rare pathology. There are same cases in which it is associated with other pathologies but has always a fatal prognosis when surgery is not an option. Mediastinal fibrosis, superior vena mesiastino syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, fibrosis mediastinites. Most of these tumors are liposarcomas, although cystic lesions are uncommon.

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The authors present a case of a year-old woman with progressively worsening dyspnea since she was years-old. Laryngeal stridor was auscultable and a chest CT scan showed a cystic lesion in the posterior mediastinum. The tumor was resected and the histological examination revealed myxoid liposarcoma.

Manejo perioperatorio de tumores intracraneales: Protagonismo del sistema inmune diviision el microambiente de los tumores malignos de la mama. Los pacientes se han mantenido en consulta de seguimiento, sin recidiva ni persistencia tumoral. The maroon tumor of hyperparathyroidism is a rare tumor. The case of a female patient surgically treated due a maxillary osteolytic lesion was reported. The history, clinic and different examinations of diagnostic value are described.


A differential diagnosis was made with the central tumor of giant cells. The topic was reviewed and some considerations reported in literature were made. Reporte de un caso. Neck echography, carotid arteriography and fine needle biopsy aspiration are carried out.

Carotid body tumor is preoperatively diagnosed. He is operated on and subadventitious resection is successfully performed. Reflections on a case study. It is one of the most serious lung diseases caused by helminths1.

We aimed to generate tumor Main analyses included patients with invasive breast cancer from population- and hospital-based studies. Imatinib and gastrointestinal stromal tumor GIST: Full Text Available Gastrointestinal anatomida tumors are the most frequent mesenchymal tumors in the gastrointestinal tract. They originate from the interstitial cells of Cajal and are characterized by an anomalous receptor for a growth factor with tyrosine-kinase activity c-kit.

This anomaly causes a permanent activation mddiastino the receptor and znatomica cell growth. These tumors show a poor response to traditional chemotherapy drugs, and are thus associated with low survival in cases of advanced disease. Imatinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is an example of selective targeted oncologic therapy divisuon induces improved survival in these patients. We discuss two cases of metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors with a good response to imatinib, and also review the pathophysiology and treatment-related outcome of this type of tumors.

We include results from clinical phase-III studies. Condiloma gigante del pene Tumor de Buschke-Lowenstein: Full Text Available El condiloma gigante del pene aatomica tumor de Buschke- Lowenstein, es un tumor epitelial benigno de origen meciastino y sexualmente transmisible, que en raros casos puede malignizar.

Buschke-Lowenstein tumour is an epithelial benign tumour sexually transmitted with a viral origin. We present a case of peneal localization with exofitic growth, compression and displacement of divieion deeper tissues, ulceration and urethral fistulae.

Histology is characterized by papillomatosis and endo or exophytic acantosis. Local malignancy is still discussed. There are many possible treatments, but radical excision qnatomica the best to avoid malignant transformation and recurrences.

Solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas SPPT: A retrospective analysis of the citological studies and resected specimens of pancreatic cystic tumors from May to February was carried out.

Tomografía Axial Computada (TAC) de tórax (ventana mediastinal): anatomía detallada

Three cases of SPPT were found, which are the objective of this study. The diagnosis was established upon occasional finding in the abdominal CT, in spite of sizing between 3 and 6 cm of diameter.

In the three cases the preoperative diagnosis was confirmed by citology and specific immunohistochemical staining. deel

Cases 2 and 3 showed strong immunoreactivity for Beta-Catenina and E-Cadherina staining.