The Instruction Dignitas Connubii is the fruit of almost 10 years of work undertaken by the Dicasteries of the Holy See, at the Holy Father’s behest. The purpose. As per Dignitas Connubii, “The dignity of marriage, which between the baptised ‘ is the image of and the participation in the covenant of love between Christ. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Roch Page and others published INSTRUCTION DIGNITAS CONNUBII: CHOSEN QUESTIONS }.

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The progress of the principal cause is also suspended whenever a question must first be resolved on which depends the continuation of the instance or the very resolution of the principal cause.

The judge, having heard the expert himself, is to set the time period within which the examination is to be carried out and the report presented, taking care, however, that the cause not suffer useless delays cf. The substitutes are to stand in for those who were originally named whenever the latter are impeded. The number of nullity cases has increased enormously in recent decades, especially in countries with an ancient Christian tradition.

The Instruction also integrates connubiii juridical developments that occurred in the period immediately following the promulgation of the Code. Therefore a spouse legitimately summoned to the trial must respond cf. Judicial or conventional time limits, that is, those established by the judge on his own initiative or with the agreement of the parties, can be extended for a just cause by the judge before their expiration, after the parties have been heard or at their request, but they can never be validly shortened without their consent cf.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Causes of the nullity of marriage can dignitsa decided only through the sentence of connybii competent tribunal. When an appeal to the Roman Rota has been filed, the tribunal a quo must send the acts to it.

Appeal is possible from a decision concerning a complaint of nullity. People forget that it is necessary to dignita to stay faithful to a commitment of love and justice, which by its nature embraces the whole of life: However, the praeses or ponens is to make an effort to have the party withdraw from the absence.


If the marriage is being challenged by the promoter of justice in accordance with art. But if a party was the cause of the nullity of the marriage by deception or by simulation, the tribunal is bound to see whether, having considered all the circumstances of the case, a vetitum should be added to the sentence, by which vonnubii party is prohibited to enter a new marriage unless the Digniitas of the place in which the marriage is to be celebrated has been consulted.

Dignitas Connubii

The dispositive part of the sentence follows these things, preceded by the reasons both in law and in fact on which it is based cf. But if the acts already have been sent to the other tribunal of appeal, the tribunal a quo is to inform it immediately of the matter, lest it begin to treat the cause, and so that it sends the acts to the Roman Rota. Indeed, wherever possible, the Church encourages the convalidation of marriages that are null.

However, the recourse is to be placed within the period of ten days from the communication of the decree; otherwise the parties and the defender of the bond are considered to dignitaa acquiesced to the decree.

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After the discussion of the cause has been carried out in writing, the judge can allow a moderate debate to take place orally before the tribunal in session, in order to clarify some questions cf.

The judge who issued a sentence is to hear the complaint of nullity proposed connubbii way of an action; but if the party fears that the judge, digniyas issued the sentence being challenged by a complaint of nullity, is overly concerned about the matter, and thus considers him suspect, he can demand that another judge be appointed in his place, in accordance with art.

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When all those things pertaining to the production of the proofs have been completed, it is time for the conclusion in the cause can. If this cannot be done, the judge is to urge the spouses to work together sincerely, putting aside any personal connkbii and living the truth in charity, in order to arrive at the objective truth, as the very nature of a marriage cause demands.


Proof by documents Art. The judge is to weigh carefully not signitas the conclusions of the experts, even if they are in agreement, but also the other circumstances of the cause can.

Chapter II The suspension of the cause in case of a doubt about non-consummation Art. In every grade of trial, the defender is bound by the obligation to propose any kind of proofs, responses and exceptions that, without prejudice to the truth of the matter, contribute to the protection of the bond cf.

Once a definitive sentence has been issued, the procurator retains the right dignitqs duty to appeal, unless the mandating party declines can. The declarations of the parties Art.

Dignitas Connubii: : Books

The questions are not to be communicated in advance to the persons to be questioned cf. An interpreter is also to be used if a person with a speech or hearing impairment must be questioned, unless the judge should prefer that the questions which he proposes be answered in writing cf. The incompetence of a judge who does not enjoy any of these titles of competence is called relative, without prejudice however to the prescriptions regarding absolute connbii cf. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

If however they disagree with one another in a grave matter, the judge can have the disagreeing parties discuss or confer between themselves, while avoiding disagreements and scandal as much as possible cf. If the complaint of nullity concerns sentences issued in two or more grades of trial, the judge who issued the last sentence is to hear the matter.