No Taxon (Section Diabroticites). Genus Diabrotica. Species balteata (Banded Cucumber Beetle). Explanation of Names. Diabrotica balteata LeConte The banded cucumber beetle, Diabrotica balteata LeConte, has become an increasingly important pest of sweet potato in Louisiana since In Louisi. () Banded Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica balteata) Updated on 2/13/ PM Available online: PaDIL –

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Go to distribution map As larvae they eat roots and tubers exclusively, reducing plant vigour, growth rate and fruit set, as well as market value by leaving large unsightly holes in root crops such as sweet potatoes Schalk and Jones, Mature plants can be killed through disease transmission, even when feeding damage is light Gergerich et al.


Adults can also damage the leaves, silks and kernels forming at the ear tip in maize Moreno, Cultural Control The primary method of cultural control against rootworms is crop rotation Metcalf et al. Unfortunately, crop rotation has limited application against D. It is also helpful if cucurbits, beans, or sweet potatoes are not planted near maize, as maize can serve as a reservoir host.

banded cucumber beetle (Diabrotica balteata)

Biological Control It has been demonstrated that excellent control of this species can be achieved with Heterorhabditis heliothidis nematodes.

The cost effectiveness of this approach, however, remains problematic. Diabrotica species are also attacked by the tachinid fly, Celatoria diabroticae, but populations are almost never reduced below economically damaging levels by this fly. Host-Plant Resistance Several cultivars of sweet potatoes with multiple resistance traits against D. Maize hybrids with partial rootworm resistance have also been developed.

Chemical Control Due to the variable regulations around de- registration of pesticides, we are for the moment not including any specific chemical control recommendations.


For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: EU pesticides database www. In the USA, sweet potatoes have sustained the most serious damage from this beetle; in the s and early s many thousands of acres balteaha sweet potatoes were lost each year in Arkansas and Louisiana alone Schalk and Creighton, Throughout Mexico and Diabroyica America D.

Banded Cucumber Beetle

Cucurbits and beans are regularly attacked as well with losses from D. It is difficult to quantify the losses from disease transmission by D. Wireworms and WDS complex.