Fueled by the music of revolution, anger, fear, and despair, we dyed our hair or shaved our heads Eating acid like it was candy and chasing speed with cheap . Dharma Punx [Noah Levine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fueled by the music of revolution, anger, fear, and despair, we dyed our hair. Dharma Punx has ratings and reviews. Laura said: It’s hard to read a memoir when halfway through you decide the author is a message.

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The epilogue was my favorite part of the book. While AA certainly works for others, its core propositions felt irreconcilable with my own experiences. In punk, this takes expression in music, looks, and acts that differ from “the norm” punc a lot of these have been commercialized and normalized nowand in anger and rebellion towards those in power who cause widespread suffering by their greed, apathy, and malice.

The idea that by simply attending an AA meeting, without any consultation, one is expected to take on a blanket diagnosis of “diseased addict” was to me, at best, patronizing. It’s hard to read a memoir when halfway through you decide the author is a dick. Our lack of acceptance and understanding of this fact makes life unsatisfactory. Want to Read saving….

Until I got to about page In MarchAgainst the Stream released a statement that they were investigating allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Noah Levine. It helps a little, and becomes the seed for Levine’s spiritual development, but there is a hard road ahead for him. Refresh and try again. Goodreads helps you keep track lunx books you want to read. Like father, like son: I was recommended this I can get past the fact that Noah Charma is a poor at best writer who apparently didn’t employ an editor at all.

Pleasure never lasts long enough; we can never sustain enough pleasure to satisfy the cravings. Then we could have experienced this revelation with the narrator, instead of just reading about it. The Best Books of Through our suffering and lack of forgiveness, we tend to do all kinds of unskillful things that hurt others.


About Us – Against the Stream

Secondly, some of the most complex and troubling nkah of the story are just not talked about, like Noah’s spiritualist parents’ failures to provide safe and stable homes for their children.

Getting through the whole thing was a slog. It is only through one’s own efforts to turn toward life on its own terms and to develop a wiser relationship to what’s there through mindfulness and compassion that make freedom from addictive patterns possible. I pux mean that to be a hater, but to be honest.

I do give Levine credit though for not showing himself as some perfect spiritual being, in contrast to his previous drugged out, destructive self.

His parental situation as a child, while not the most horrifying one could imagine, is not exactly optimal, either. Wait a minute, you have to suffer from a certain amount of narcissism to write a memoir anyhow, and I am kind of a dick. There is a frustrating lack of self-reflection in the book, which is surprising given that it is a memoir that is all about his voyage to discover his true self. Mar 13, Thorin rated it did not like it. Having clearly seen the uselessness of drugs and violence, Noah looked for positive ways to channel his rebellion against what he saw as the lies of society.

The short sentences and chapters and the simple language will keep the book accessible to a wide range of readers, but those readers deserve a story that’s put together with sophistication and vision.

Dharma Punx is one of those rare, truly inspirational books that comes along and speaks directly to a generation. I’ve even spent some time studying the philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism, and loved learning about both. Definitely oblivious, not enlightened. I am happy that Noah Levine eventually found his way- but what a pompous ass while doing so.


He writes in a clunky, amateurish plod that is at once forgettable and annoying. Jul 14, Anthony rated it it was ok. And in some ways, that’s what this story gets to, but it takes a long time to get there.

Noah Levine – Wikipedia

Modern Buddhist writers 19th century to date. It has been a while since I read the book, and I took no notes A very readable recovery story, perhaps precisely because the book is not schmaltzy or cloying and says nothing about Jesus carrying someone on a beach.

It has been a while since I read the book, and I took no notes while reading it. He trades drugs for religion, on an endless, restless quest to find himself in whatever mish-mash of spirituality he can put together.

This book would have been great had it simply been a memoir about the Santa Cruz punk scene in the 80’s. One very interesting chapter in his spiritual life is when he takes on his father’s “a year to live” practice–living his life as if he really only had a year to live.

Quotes from Dharma Punx: As with many self-destructive kids, Noah Levine’s search for meaning led him first to punk rock, drugs, drinking, and dissatisfaction. There were moments of profundity to which I related on a spiritual level but there were also moments of extreme douchery on the part of the author.

Dharma Punx: A Memoir

As each one of us frees ourselves from clinging to resentments that cause suffering, we relieve our friends, family, and community of the burden of our unhappiness. Please consider becoming a monthly contributor so we can count on a guaranteed income each month and plan wisely. Jan 10, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: ;unx so Is it well written?