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Seguridad y salud del trabajo. Disabled Persons Care and Maintenance Regulations The Pesticides Control Regulations, An act to establish the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, to provide for the research and pesticides control, the functions of the Institute and for the decretto connected with and incidental to the establishment of the Institute.

Establishes, inter alia, the general principles of humanitarian anti-mine action, state regulation in the sphere of humanitarian anti-mine activity. Also defines the essence of humanitarian anti-mine activity, including the accreditation of the subjects of humanitarian anti-mine activity, sappers, cleansing of dangerous territories from mines, programmes for providing assistance to persons suffered from mines and unexploded ammunition, also deals with international cooperation and obligations in the framework of implementation of international agreements.

decreto 5098 de 2004 pdf to excel

Chapter 1 introduces general provisions: Chapter 2 deals with the insurance market, including, inter alia, professional participants of insurance market, insurance organization, associations of professional participants of insurance market, insurance brokers, agents, agjusters, surveyer, the insurer. Chapter 3 regulates the application of insurance acitivity.

Chapter 4 establishes the provision of financial-economic stability and payability of insurance organizations. Chapter 5 sets the state regulation and supervision over insurance activity.

General Provisions Chapter II: Regulates the Public Policy in the field of environmental protection. Chapter 3 regulates citizens’ and legal entities’ rights and 5908 in the area of environmental protection. Repeals the previous Law on Environmental Protection of 27 December Establishes the legal basis of regulation of relations between employers and employees in the sphere of occupational safety.

decreto de pdf viewer – PDF Files

Cancels the previous Law on Occupational Safety of Maintenance of Occupational Safety Chapter V: State and Societal Control over the Respect of legislation and normative acts of the Republic of Tajikistan in the sphere of occupational safety Chapter VI: Regulates relations arising from design and approval decreti compulsory technical requirements towards products, productions process, transportation as well as conducting of works and providing services.

Defines and rights and duties of parties involved in this process. Amends provisions relating to definition of concepts and State management of occupational safety and health. Defines the legal basis and principles for the regulation of the use of nuclear energy for the protection of health and life of persons, the protection of the environment, nuclear and radiation safety. Regulations to ensure the safe exploitation of dangerous production sites in order to prevent occupational accidents.

Contains provisions on requirements for occupational safety and vocational training of workers 22004 at such production sites.

Also deals with expert inspection of production sites and state control. Provides, inter alia, for State regulation in the field of radiation security, evaluation of radiation level, obligations of users of sources of ionizing radiation, and control of radiation doses. Provides, inter alia, that during exploitation, production, transportation and use of pesticides and agro-chemicals special working conditions, means of health protection and control methods must be respected.


Provides, inter alia, for basic principles of State policy for occupational safety, organization of occupational safety services, guarantees for occupational safety and citizens’ rights, protection standards, State control, responsibilities in the event decrdto breach of the law.

50998 – Seguridad y salud del trabajo – Ley. Drcreto Regulations deal with the treatment and disposal of waste and unused materials.

decreto de pdf to excel – PDF Files

It repeals and replaces section 13 3 of the Minister Regulation No. The Exception on a request for authorization under paragraph one for some category or types of waste or unused materials which are not dangerous shall be in accordance with the rules and procedures prescribed by the Minister by publishing in the Government Gazette.

Labour Protection Act No. Repeals sections of Chapter 8: Replaces section concerning penalties fines for employers who fail to comply with sections 15, 27, 28, 29, 30 145, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 65, 66, 73, 74, 75 177, 99,, or failing to give notice under sections1 or section 2 or 3.

Replaces section with “Any employer violating Section 31 or Section 44 shall be subject to imprisonment of no longer than one year or fine of no greater than two hundred thousand baht or both. Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Labour on the prescribing of standard for administration and management of occupational safety, health and environment No. Metal Pressing Machines Part 3: Electric Welder and Gas Welder Part 4: Overhead Cranes and Gantry Cranes Part 3: Tower Cranes Part 4: Vehicle Cranes and Boat Cranes Part 5: Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Usage Part 3: Thailandia – Seguridad y salud del trabajo – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.

Made under section 6 and 8 1 of the Factory Act. Repeals and replaces Clause 5 12 of the Ministerial Regulation No.

This Clause only applies to new factories. Repeals and replaces clause 2 of Ministerial Regulation No. In paying an annual fee, the factory business operator shall as well produce a receipt of the notification to proceed with the carrying out of the factory business operations or the factory business operating license, as the case may be, except a factory located in the industrial zone under Section 30 of the Factory Act, B.

Dangerous Substances Act No. Amends numerous sections in the Dangerous Substances Act, B. Repeals clause 6 11 of Ministerial Regulation No. Replaces clause 7 of Regulation No. Notification of the Ministry of Labour: Diseases that occur at work or because of the nature or type of work. Rules issued under sections 6 and of the Labour Protection Act B.

Applies to mineral and rock mines, petroleum and petrochemical businesses, manufacturing, construction, hotels, etc. Consists of four Chapters: Provides for upgrading of factories dealing with digging or dredging gravel, and soil, from type 2 to type 3 under Factory Act B.

Also provides for categorization of factories engaged in production of CDs, records and magnetic tapes. Act on Hazardous Substances Issue No. Amends Hazardous Substances Act so as to give effect to obligations arising from Chemical Weapons Convention of Provides for supervision of any action relating to hazardous substance being toxic chemical or substance used to produce toxic chemical stipulated in Chemical Weapons Convention. Notification regarding measures for protection of safety at work, issued under the Factory Act No.

Stipulates that those wishing to obtain licenses to operate or expand a factory must prepare a “Report of Analysis the Risk from Danger” and detailed information to be included in said Report. Requires preparation of a “Risk Management Programme”. Labour Protection Act, B. Replaces the Revolutionary Council Announcement No. Chapter 1 contains general provisions which include the obligation of an employer to treat male and female workers equally.


This Chapter also prohibits sexual harassment of women and children and covers termination of employment. Chapter 2 concerns the general use of labour, providing for hours of work, holidays, overtime, rest periods, and “sterilization” leave.

Chapter 3 regards female labour and prohibits ddcreto labour in underground mines, on scaffolds over 10 meters, or with explosives; this Chapter also prohibits certain activities for pregnant women, including night work. Pregnant women shall receive 90 days maternity leave and may not be dismissed due to their pregnancy.

Chapter 4 concerns child labour; a child is defined as a person under 15 years of age. Children employees under the age of 18 shall be registered and shall not perform night work and other specified tasks e.

Chapter 5 provides for wage, overtime, and holiday pay.

Chapter 6 establishes a Wages Committee to fix minimum wages. A Welfare Committee is established by Chapter 7. Chapter 8 concerns occupational safety dd health, creates a Work Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Conditions Committee, and provides for labour inspection.

Chapter 9 covers work discipline and requires employers with ten or more employees to promulgate work rules. This Chapter also sets forth requirements regarding documentation of workers.

Chapter 10 provides for suspension from work; Chapter 11 for compensation payments; Chapter 12 for submissions of petitions; Chapter 13 for the Decfeto Assistance Fund; Chapter 14 for the duties of the Labour Inspection Officer; Chapter 15 for sending of documents; and Chapter 16 for penalties.

Regulations promulgated under Annoucement No. Notification of the Ministry of Industry No. Working Safety of Employees.

Applies to workers in the mining, energy, petroleum, water, construction and transportation sectors. Provides for the appointment of a safety official at the shop, foreman, and executive level in enterprises with less than 50 employees.

In enterprises with more than 50 employees, there shall be a professional safety officer as a full-time position. See also attached explanation.

Repeals the Notification regarding Working Safety of 6 May Notification of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare regarding standards and criteria for work safety in business of loading or unloading goods on or from sea-going ships. Provides for comprehensive safety measures concerning loading and unloading of ships.

Inter alia, requires employers to provide safety equipment, protective gear boots, gloves, helmets and first aid equipment. Provides regulations concerning the selection of employee representatives to the Committees for Safety, Occupational Health and Surroundings in Work Place, which certain employers are required to establish in accordance with Notification of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Re: Where applicable, the representatives shall be selected by committees of employees or trade unions.

Notification of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare re: Requires employers having fifty or more employees to establish a Committee for Safety, Occupational Health, and Surrounding Conditions of Work Performance, whose duties include making recommendations and reports on safety conditions at the workplace.

The Committee shall include employees or employee representatives, meet at least once a month, and employee participants shall be paid regular wages for work done in relation to the Committee.