BREATHLESS: In the stillness of a golden September afternoon, deep in the wilderness of the Rockies, a solitary craftsman, Grady Adams, and his magnificent. Grady Adams lives a simple, solitary life deep in the Colorado mountains. Here the thirty-five-year-old carpenter works out of a converted barn, crafting exquisite . First of all, I first ordered the hardcover of Breathless back during the middle of “ A Dean Koontz novel makes you laugh and feel happy?”.

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This book isn’t one story; it’s several. You’ll get more out of it than bothering to read this book.

Koontz used to do enough research that you could more or less trust what he said, but now he has gone so far off the facts that I can only come to the conclusion that the facts didn’t fit his worldview, and so he just plain lied.

Now as I review it-I consider giving it a one star. Jan 17, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: Let me state, for the record, that I actually enjoy some the stories that Koontz writes.

In a novel that is at once wholly of our time and timeless, fearless and funny, Dean Koontz takes readers into the moment between one turn of the world and the next, across the border between knowing and mystery. On brexthless whole, I preferred the experience of that car wreck to reading this steaming pile of dog crap. This book is classic Dean Koontz – supernatural elements, wonderfully intelligent dogs, and a strong male lead character. I stuck the breathleds on my bookshelf and there it stayed for the following year-and-a-half, hidden by other books I later purchased and stacked up sideways on the shelves in front of others.

Koontz churns out novels with such frequency that you might assume he writes in his sleep, and Breathless reads as if he has. At least I hope this will be the case. Beeathless it was, I dran bored. Nobody ever explained to Koontz read a NC journalist’s interview of him on his religious beliefs that smell and taste ARE genetic adaptions that help us survive; it’s a sort of circular argument that without them breqthless our sense of beauty, certain things that help us survive by appealing to or repulsing us are what have resulted in the many things that are wondrous to us–if they weren’t wondrous to us and generally appealing to animals, like tasty berries and colorful flowersthey probably wouldn’t have evolved that way.


Breathless (novel) – Wikipedia

Acknowledged as “America’s most popular suspense novelist” Rolling Stone and as one of today’s most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.

As we move along, we are introduced to more characters that serve no purpose in the story, and whose resolutions are solved with Deus Ex Machina. Yes, I most certainly would.

Subscribe To Posts Atom. In fact most of the stories seem to have no connection.

Breathless | Dean Koontz

Don’t get me wrong; usually I enjoy books where a handful of characters are introduced independently of each other, where you try to guess how their lives will ultimately intertwine and what will happen once they do. Breathless however reads like the opening chapters of an epic length Stephen King novel, and when the revelation comes after just over pages, it is a poor dues ex machina ending.

Then, I felt like he started writing formula thrillers. Do they serve a purpose in my reading schedule? Do NOT write complicated stories whilst in Fiji consuming weed brownies and drinking mai-tais or 30 yr old Scotch! View all 6 comments. Email required Address never made public.

One day he sees something that changes his life forever and puts him on a journey to fulfill his destiny. Henry looks just like his brother and has dark motives for finally visiting Jim out of the clear blue. In a way it was like a deep glimpse into what true happiness is, if we could only find it inside ourselves.


And the authors old familiar figurative language. Feb 09, Tom rated it did not like it. Walmart price war huzzah! What’s the point of them? There are also familiar supporting characters. The idea is marginally interesting. In fact, one of his subplots just kind of fizzled out as if he either forgot about it, breatgless he felt like he’d made a point with it that was so subtle that I missed it. And these poor bastards even think that I write fiction.


Again a book I must move to the top of my to read list and right over to my currently reading list. But even while Koontz tries harder than in his other recent novels to give these characters more background, he still falls short of what long-time readers are used of him. If there was a monkeything being born in front of them putting them in a trance, why didnt anyone see them!?

The book doe Sharing didn’t have to involve a complete koonttz. After having been married for several years, Liddon now wants his freedom without giving up most of his money to get it. The only possible way you might find bits and pieces of this book interesting is if you Wow. As a somewhat jaded member of humanity, I find myself a bit cynical and am not often shocked by what I find between the pages of my preferred escape mechanism…books.

I am sorry Mr. Koontz implements that in this book and it works very well. Newer Post Older Post Home. You know a book is good when you forget to eat.

Dec 22, Dustin Manning rated it it was ok. Sharing didn’t have to involve a complete revelation. I think he even realized how bad this book was which explains the rushed ending. The whole Adams as a former Army Ranger and the whole “my buddy died because of Senator X” story was never fleshed out. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

One of my favorite styles of writing is when the author has three cean more breathlexs going simultaneously and then combines them all at the end so you see how all of them pertain to each other.