Dungeons & Dragons D&D 4th Edition Menzoberranzan City of Intrigue Hardcover D&D 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Council of Spiders 2. Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (originally planned as the Menzoberranzan Campaign Setting) is a sourcebook and campaign setting. Menzoberranzan was possibly the most well known drow city in Faerûn. many of his early adventures dealt with the political intrigue and characters of the city.

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Wizards of the Coast.

City of Intrigue is top notch and makes for a fun reading experience. Nothing seems out of place as far as layout and the artwork ranges from really good to absolutely stunning. Six chapters make up the book and make no bones about it, the focus here is on running a campaign in which drow are the central characters.

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The first chapter details creating a campaign in the city of Menzoberranzan with particular interest given to political underpinnings and scheming against other drow houses and characters.

Plenty of history about the city is included and loads of ideas come forth as to the different flavors of campaigns one could look to concoct. Chapter two delves into the spider goddess Lolth as well as the over-arching religion of the drow including other lesser gods worshipped by the populace. Chapter three details the drow factions and houses with detail given for each including the current rank fo power they exert in drow society as well as the size of membership.


Each house is given mmenzoberranzan bit of personality to differentiate it from other houses and rules are included to create new houses as well. Could it be your band of adventurers could rise to power through the creation of their own faction?

The fourth chapter tackles the City of Spiders more so in bullet style giving gamers enough info in order to get a feel for each district of the city as well as landmarks which would be familiar to residents of the Underdark mainly and citizens of Menzoberranzan in particular.

Overall this is probably the least interesting section of the book for GMs as those with experience will discard much of the high level description of districts in order to create their own customized experiences for the players while those new to running an RPG will feel the lack of overall depth to the chapter leaves them with only straws to grasp at.

Chapter five is a look into the Underdark outside the great city and a good amount of attention is given to various regions as well as changes depending on time periods. The little explored Northdark could menzoberrxnzan to a lot of really fun adventures and I found this chapter to be a welcome addition which gamers will appreciate.

5E DM Advice: Menzoberranzan, City of Intrigue

The final chapter of the book dives into much of what it means to be a drow. How the drow society judges the worth of its members, how that worth can rise or fall based on deeds done or even random circumstances, and how the characters can look to gain status in the community.


The chapter finishes up with some tips on role playing drow, which is equally valuable for players and GMs alike. First menzberranzan, the pricing seems a bit steep for the page count. Also if your gaming gang is up for playing drow, or evil characters in general, this is a great addition to your collection.

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