Today, the mail man brought me a copy of “The CPHIMS Review Guide 2nd Edition – Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and. Available in: Paperback. Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam, or simply want the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare. There is no real single study guide for CPHIMS. This is probably . I got the 2nd edition of the HIMSS book and I’m utilizing the practice tests.

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The first blog answered why I selected this certification.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

Today I will talk about my exam preparation efforts. The third and last blog will describe how my exam day went. Now four things before I begin my blog. First, I really did what I am going to write here. I am not going to give you an impression that this was an easy thing for me to crack. Second, it may seem to you that I planned my preparation very precisely. It rather evolved as I progressed and learned from my efforts. So a lot of back and forth-ing, learning from mistakes etc.

Third, you may be a genius and think what I did was way too much. I put higher priority on preparedness than on my wits. Fourth and last, use this blog as a guideline and not as a guarantee of any sort. This is probably because the syllabus is pretty broad and can get deep in certain areas. You will end up guessing or missing a few questions in the actual exam.

Do not let it get to you. Independent research is the key. Use authentic sources for the study material. Spend time up front to create quality summary notes of the material.

Then study these notes over and over and over … 4. Write the content from memory on paper. Then check back with the notes for correctness. This greatly helps in retaining the material in your head. Use as many simulated tests sources you can find for practice. More you practice the better you get. Ignore the simulated test time limits. Answer the questions slowly and carefully. The goal is to get all of these right.

Use exam score data to pinpoint your areas of weakness. Forget how badly you did in the exam. The goal is to understand and fix your shortcomings as much as possible. Add the answers of incorrect questions to your summary notes eidtion.


Repeat the previous three steps with the next test. A content rating varies between 1 lowest to 5 highest depending on how well it helped me answer the actual CPHIMS questions. This material is not available any more. I bought this CD with high hopes. I listened to each word of every module multiple times. I made condensed notes of the content that I did not know or thought was important.

I recycled a slightly used composition book for my note book see picture on left. The overall material was OK. But I wished if the quality could have been better considering its high price tag.

It did motivate me to research the content on my own. I treated the exam as a study guide rather than an actual test. This exam really helped in my preparation. But I will tell you that some of the questions and their answers looked weird, random and difficult to apprehend when I cross-checked these with the content.

I could not make head or tail of at least one answer.

That made me question the value of the review material even more. I wrote down each question in my notebook. Then I thought hard, consulted my notebook, researched the Internet to answer the question. I would answer questions at a time. Take a break for a couple of days. Read the notebook from front to back. Then show up for the ghide round of beating. And did I tell you that I took w-a-y more time than the usual two hours?

So I started working on it. White and John R. I found this book from my Internet research. I was very fortunate to get free access to Books24x7 as part of corporate subscription by my employer. After scanning the content two things became apparent.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

First, this was a very good book. Second, it was too dense and long pages for me to finish within a reasonable time. So I read parts that I thought were most cphimx Cultural LeadershipChapter 3: Operational LeadershipChapter 4: Strategic Leadership—Governance and Chapter 5: Foundations of Clinical Performance.

Hindsight — it was an overkill. Hence the low rating. Books24x7 again came handy. I read reviwe the first three chapters: IntroductionChapter 2: Project Life Cycle and OrganizationChapter 3: Project Management Processes for a Project.

  ASTM D4258 PDF

The book has really valuable and relevant information. I also liked its simple and direct style. Healthcare information is a moving target.

You need to plug yourself ecition sources that will feed you with the latest updates. Case to the point — Federal Register site. Any updates on federal policies and mandates show up here first. I browsed through this site about once a week. Several other web sites Price: I do not have a list of these websites. I used these sources to collect a medley of revlew in my notebook. I did not have a set time for study because of my crazy schedule. So I studied my notebook on the plane while traveling on business, during idle times while running chores, lunch breaks, night time after I am done with the work orders for the day.

You get the idea. I also started writing the content from memory on paper. I used the blank sides of paper recycled from junk mail and used printer paper at home.

Android based test looked very good based on the reviews I saw. But I decided that I have spent enough money already. So I did not take it. Momentrix reviews scared me. I went over the HIMSS self-assessment exam questions several times and re-answered these to get practice. I will talk about this and my exam day on my next blog. So with my exam on October 10 I got about a couple of months to get ready. I myself googled this a lot and finally reach this blog which is very helpful to me now.

If possible can you please email 2nc as much details you can to start my study on this, like books, pdf, tests sample, any material. This will help me to save some money also. Guidf go through my blogs to see a list of the material that Editoon used. There are two ways.