Today, the mail man brought me a copy of “The CPHIMS Review Guide 2nd Edition – Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and. Available in: Paperback. Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam, or simply want the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare. There is no real single study guide for CPHIMS. This is probably . I got the 2nd edition of the HIMSS book and I’m utilizing the practice tests.

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So a lot of back and forth-ing, learning from mistakes etc.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

I made condensed notes of the content that I did not know or thought was important. Please check the second blog for updated information. I bought this CD with high hopes. Project Management Processes for a Project.

Just want your opinion cphms do I still need detail preparation, or I can attemp the exam now? I am not going to give you an impression that this was an easy thing for me to crack. I found this book from my Internet research. Then go wide with material from trusted sources.


I listened to each word of every module multiple times. Then I thought hard, edittion my notebook, researched the Internet to answer the question. Thanks for the help again.

I do not have a list of these websites. Chances are you can pass without it. So I did not take it.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

I also started writing the content from memory on paper. First, I really did what I am going to write here. I have listed a few of these in my blogs. I browsed through this site about once a week. Mohab, Have you checked LinkedIn?

I treated the exam as a study guide rather than an actual test. From what I have seen, all experience etc. But I wished if the quality could have been better considering its high price tag. I put higher priority on preparedness than on my wits. Android based test looked very good based on the reviews I saw. If you have time, I recommend that you research the material available free on the Internet. I decided to just go through the ones I have answered so far and wait for the book.

I have also read good reviews about an Android based test exam the link guidr in blog. Second, it was too dense and long pages for me to finish within a reasonable time. I learned these four major lessons early in my preparation cycle, 1. So I started working on it. I can tell you that right IT talent is a scarce commodity in Healthcare. I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors. I did not have a set time for study because of my crazy schedule.


I found out that the Healthcare IT professionals are aware of it. You need to plug yourself into sources that gide feed you with the latest updates. Learn how your comment data is processed. I highly recommend that you take as many sample guife as you can.

Since, I have access to the self-assessment test, I started studying it and going through the questions. But I decided that I have spent enough money already. Use authentic ecition for the study material.

This is an effective strategy.