Suspense Series #2. Publisher: Amazon Encore The-Romance-Reviews-Top- Pick ISBN Genre: Romantic Suspense Original Release. Published January 19, | By Kaylea Cross Book #2, Cover of Darkness: has not been changed at all, since my publisher still holds the rights and will. Cover of Darkness by Kaylea Cross, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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First off, Rekindled is officially live on Amazon.

Some are already up for sale in both digital and paperback, and hopefully all of them will be available in both formats by next weekend. Book 1Out of Her League: Book 2, Cover of Darkness: Book 3, No Turning Back: I love the cover image of Luke with his distinguished kayleaa of gray-streaked hair, and Em wearing her long wig while she faces her brave battle with breast cancer.

I hope you love this new look for the Suspense Croxs as much as I do!

This weekend I went up to B. I got to see several uncles and a bunch of my cousins that I rarely get to spend time with, and I had so much fun!

Cover of Darkness: Kaylea Cross: : Books

Add in iaylea time in the Corps, and I was in love with him in about three seconds. We talked about all sorts of military stuff, including his two tours in Vietnam.

He and his wife live in Oahu during the winters, so they invited us to come stay with them and show us around all the historical sites. Being shown around Pearl Harbor and all the other spots with a decorated former Marine? He had to leave the Corps suddenly after 21 years of service, darknes attained the hallowed rank of Master Sergeant. For the latter part of his career, he was stationed darlness Camp Pendleton, just south of Los Angeles.


Nights And Weekends – Cover of Darkness

We passed it on our way from Disneyland to Legoland this past March, and I was so excited to see a Chinook and two Black Hawks flying close to the highway. I really think Relentless and Absolution are the best books in the series, but perhaps it takes the first few books for readers darknsss understand crosa characters and story arc enough to make the last two books shine.

Something to ponder for the future if I ever do another series. Have any of you out there met military veterans that have made an impression on you? Would love to hear your stories. Yesterday was one of those rare days kqylea everything went right. I sent off edits to my Carina Press editor in the morning, and got an e-mail just over an hour later saying that carkness only had she read and approved all my changes, but she was going to send it straight to copy editing.

Later on I came home after running errands to find two more e-mails from my editors, both asking for new stories from me. That tickled me immensely. I even received the preliminary cover for Deadly Descent yesterday. Had I known I would final in these prestigious contests, I would for sure have attended Nationals!


To think I could have sat with Roxanne St. Look what I got in the mail today!

That makes us kindred spirits. And now he can hang around my neck and help me churn out more pages! He graduated at the top of his class at West Point, after all, and was a master of organization. If anyone can whip my muse into shape, good old Marse Robert can.

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In other news, another side benefit has come about since the death of Osama bin Laden. Including mine, Cover of Darkness. Actually, the whole series has seen a bump in sales this past month. Hope to finish off the draft within the next couple of months. My thoughts go out to to those affected by these horrific storms this year.

Published January 19, By Kaylea Cross.

I have so much to share with you this post! Okay, here goes… First off, Rekindled is officially live on Amazon.

Cover of Darkness

Published July 25, By Kaylea Cross. Published June 1, By Kaylea Cross. Published May 25, By Kaylea Cross.