The first edition of Core Data by Marcus Zarra was the book I turned to when I wanted to learn Core Data. Whilst it is still a great book it was. Threading in today’s Core Data is radically different from its original In this talk from #Pragma Conference , Marcus Zarra presents the. Core Data in Swift. by Marcus S. Zarra. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: June ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading.

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Featured News 5G is coming: You could easily imagine severe arguments during code reviews. Marcus Zarra Marcus Zarra is best known for his expertise with Core Data, persistence, and networking. The map function really goes far beyond this trivial little valueForKeyPath: Zarraa year, with the release of Swiftthere are some pretty radical changes.

My Core Data Stack

As with ANY object, assume it is thread locked unless you can demonstrably confirm that it is safe to use across threads. SQLite is the persistence level datw tend to use all the time.

I think Zarra is trying to solve a problem that is the incorrect problem to solve. I am starting to have much more success making my code pure Swift—pulling back from my old habits and considering how problems should be solved in this brave new Swift world. Whilst it is still a great book it was starting to get a little dated.

  EVK 71 - 060 PDF

For some reason there is a misconception going around that everything belongs in the view controller. How many times have we launched Twitter and then set the phone down? Max rated it really liked it Jul 04, The answer was map.

Introduction Is This Book for You? But technically, yes, it is slower. I do not create the Core Data stack in the App Delegate. This method is intended to return very quickly.

They use blocks to an interesting new level. I really do enjoy helping teams get the most out of their persistence and networking layers. What about if you should have two child contexts which should share changes between themselves? I figured I would document it in this screencast. We develop user-facing applications now, instead of applications sitting on a mainframe. Threading is something we add to an application when we find we have spare time, CPU, and bandwidth.

It gets blamed a lot. Alexandr Kurilin rated it it was amazing Feb 10, By using this site you understand and agree to our use of cookies, our Terms Of Useand Privacy Policy. I got this error message simply because an updated program license agreement needed to be accepted on the web portal.

Then delve deep into the API details. Notifications are also quite hard in this system. So, on this line:.


Core Data Threading Demystified

I think that if it helps you understand what is going on behind the scenes better, then go for it. Any non-user work importing and exporting should be done on a zarraa context on a background thread see response to 6 above.

This will allow our -initializeCoreData method to return immediately, even if the persistent store needs to do some additional work.

To begin with, we make sure the context has not already been initialized to prevent accidentally destroying an existing context. Open Preview See a Problem?

All user interfaces are single threaded. No trivia or quizzes yet. Finally, we decide where the rest of the User Interface code goes.

Core Data in Swift

It was flaky and a little unstable. There are a number of reasons for this that are beyond the scope of this article. I very rarely speak out against another blog post. There is a wealth of information on the internet about Core Data. It was to the point marcuus extremely helpful in taking me from never having worked with CoreData to a working knowledge of the technology for implementation as well as making sound engineering decisions.