The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England into a devastating, . The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England. Historical fiction master Conn Iggulden retells the gripping story of the English Civil War in this first instalment of his latest Wars of the Roses series.

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I’ll say it again, Iggulden’s finest hour. It’d be easy to overlook, but Iggulden continues with the misnom The book is readable and very easy to get into because of the fluid pace and style, but lacks substance.

As Normandy, too, threatens to fall under this avalanche of bounty for France, it is not just young Margaret of Anjou who arrives on English shores to stir the half-mad king. He intended the decision to lead to peace, but instead many of his subjects were slaughtered. Indeed, Henry VI decides to give up his lands in France, so the English settlers are forced to flee their homesteads from the incoming French.

War of the Roses: Stormbird

Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. However, I personally find it a bit hard to relate to the two fictitious characters. I love just about anything by David Gemmell, or Peter F. Not stormbire of the novel is to do with the rich and powerful. Are those characters real or have some character and parts of the history added?


War of the Roses: Stormbird | Washington Independent Review of Books

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As storm clouds gather over England, King Henry and his supporters find themselves besieged abroad and at home. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bloodline – A strong four stars Thanks for telling us about the problem. An archer in his past, he remains on good terms with Thomas Woodchurch, an ex-archer himself, Royally screwed by the truce, which results in stoormbird back lands won in France by Henry V.

King Henry V – the great Lion of England – is long dead.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Stormbird is rich in memorable scenes, not least the battles and skirmishes, but there are others that will stay with you. On to book 2.

Henry VI has a weak constitution and is in poor health he is very dependent on those closest to him to run England but there are others who believe England should be ruled by a strong king if it is to survive. If it weren’t for dear little Richard, you would be king tomorrow. I often check wikipedia AFTER reading a historical fiction novel as then it all makes much more sense to me!

I recommend to all fans of Phillipa Gregory and the “White Queen” Tv Series whi I received a cconn of the first 5 chapters, through Goodreads first reads giveaways. Iggulden’s a novelist, and the story had the feeling that he rightly put that above making sure he was including all of his research down to the very last irrelevant detail. Mar 16, Karla rated it really liked it Shelves: Son los acontecimientos desencadenantes de la Stoormbird de las Dos Rosas.


The English loses not only Maine and Anjou, but also Normandy.

I’ve read quite a few books about this period but this the first to explore what it must have been like for the English settlers who suddenly found their lands in France had been given back to the French. Overall, the book feels very much like a Fictio Not a proper review, just a few comments. This is simply a preview only taking in the first 79 pages but it still had me gripped and I can’t wait to discover the rest of the book and, indeed, the series! There are also plenty of battle scenes in this book that will leave you with a good understanding of why the French hated to face English archers, and of just how much skill and training it took to be an archer although a true understanding only comes the first time you try and draw back a longbow!

Y una gran parte de la novela se centra en un arquero random y sus desventuras. Spymaster Derry Brewer one of the few fictional characters in Stormbird understands that this king cannot hold the French lands for long, and conjures up that most medieval of remedies, a royal marriage. La historia se sumerge en la trama con el compromiso de matrimonio entre Margarita y Enrique VI tramado por el padre de ella y el rey Carlos de Francia. Stormbird is an unputdownable adventure.