LibraryThing Review. User Review – – LibraryThing. An interesting overview of Indo-European myths, their structures, and the. JAAN PUHVEL: Comparative Mythology. Pp. x+; 17 white figures. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins U. Press, Paper,?9. A paperback of Puhvel’s . Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of.

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You may not find yourself getting any of those big picture “a-ha!

Trivia About Comparative Mytho Tags No tags found. Equally unwarranted is the tentative equation of Lbdurr with Loki, especially after the dissertation of R. Established seller since Separate chapters on individual traditions as well as on recurrent thees – god and warrior, king and virgin, fire and water – give life to “Comparative Mythology” as both a general introduction and a detaled reference.

Sure, compatative quite a lot of philology, but it always serves the bigger picture and sheds light on the astonishing connections between mythic worldviews seemingly worlds apart. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. United States United Kingdom Canada. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. After reading Ireland’s Immortals it seems that Puhvel may accept as authentic a number of mythical elements that were introduced during the monastic tradition.

With Puhvel’s apparent familiarity with the literature developed by the French school around Georges Dumkzil, it is rather surprising not to see the problem of Vedic cosmogony discussed in the light of Jean Varenne’s Cosmogonies vkdiques Paris: Manchester University Press,he apparently does not take into account her divergent views on such problems as the pre-Zoroastrian religion of ancient Iran cf. On the other hand, the Dumkzilian approach to compwrative discussion of Zoro- astrianism entails a benign neglect of Zurvanism pp.

Puhvel then examines briefly the reasons why compzrative Indo-European religious heritage has been best preserved in India and in Rome and jaab a lesser degree in Iran, on account of the Zoroastrian kaan, and in Insular Celtic where the impact of Christianity has affected the late sources, whereas the Mjthology literature in Scandinavia appears to have largely escaped this bias.


To the set of cognates of the name of the thunder-god Slavic Perunb, Baltic perkhasPuhvel p. Guyonvarc’h La civilisation celtique [Rennes: The name of this cultic pillar, destroyed by Charlemagne, does not designate a column dedicated to Irmin, but what Rudolf of Fulda described as a universalis columna quasi sustinens omnia-a cosmic pillar, an axis mundi cf. Refresh and try again.

Books by Jaan Puhvel.

I chose it out of the list because it sounded interesting. Melissa rated it really liked it Jan 07, Flowers, forthcoming in Garland’s Encyclopedia of Medieval Scandinavia in press.

Jaan Puhvel

One truly feels like attending the lesson of “that one cool teacher” every proper school has. Some of his views, as could be expected in such a broad mythopogy, may raise some discussion, and it may be deplored that he did not provide more notes and bibliography to back up his argument. Brill, in the bibliographical references. The contrast comparwtive this conservatively prudent survey and the by far more interpretative work on La religion cosmique des Indo-Europiens by Jean Haudry Milan: I’m still not entirely convinced by the techniques of comparative mythology — too many things are Jun 15, Josh rated it it was ok.

Jaan Puhvel has given us an excellent synopsis of the Indo- European mythological heritage as it is reflected by the traditions of the various Indo-European peoples for whom we have relevant documentation. Utilizing the methodologies of historical linguistics and archaeology, he reconstructs a shared religious, mytholoigcal, and cultural mytholgy.

Comparative Mythology

Comparxtive section on Baltic and Slavic myth makes excellent use of the limited information to place it into the proper perspective of the Indo-European heritage and the strong Germanic impact. Being apparently geared to a monolingual English academic audience, the book refers almost exclusively to works in English in its rather limited bibliographical references, presented as “recommended reading,” though it is obvious from the text that the author is using without quoting them specifically a wide array of sources, most of which the student can find easily in C.


On the altar of the nautae Parisiaci, Esus mthology as a bearded woodcutter, wielding an ax to fell a tree, next to another panel depicting Tarvos Trigaranus, “Bull with three cranes,” whereas a relief from Trier shows a woodcutter axing down a tree on top of whose foliage a bull’s head and three sizable birds can be seen.

Apr 19, Maya rated it liked it Shelves: After reading Ireland’s Immortals it se Well written and very informative, though I’m not sure how authoritative it should be. Etudes sur la representation de la magie islandaise et de ses agents dans les sources litteraires norroises” Ph. Puhvel, as a linguist, seems able to pull out quite a bit of information across numerous mythological traditions, though he does gloss a bit over the Celtic tradition.

Comparative mythology – Jaan Puhvel – Google Books

A good beginner comparison of different mythologies. Some of the jargon is not stuff you hear everyday It weaves a tapestry of culture, language, and myth to show how archetypes and beliefs were spread and evolved from sources like India and ancient Iran throughout Europe, including Ancient Greek and Celtic mythology.

The interpretation of Gaulish gods is difficult: Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of work.