“If you already have comics in a digital format, Comic Zeal is simply the best way to read them on your iPad.” Comic Zeal is currently the best. Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad | iPad Insight

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It’s been a lot of work but we’re very happy with the result. Hi all, a lot of you thought there was too much white space in the list view.

‚ÄéComic Zeal Comic Book Reader on the App Store

A lot of you have expressed concerns about Comic Zeal co,iczeal you to log into your iTunes account the first time you start it. You can open Comics cmiczeal the Google Drive app itself using the ‘Open in Hi all, this is a quick update to fix a couple of critical bugs in the previous version.

There was a bug with the previous version where in iOS 5, if the password screen was shown while the device iPad was in landscape mode, then the main view would be corrupted and the app had to be re-started. Comic finders limit what they show you i;ad using tags. It’s the way I like to work, I like quick feedback, but in the past it hasn’t been possible because Apple took up to a week to review apps, so any changes would take a while to go up, but more importantly it meant that if anything went wrong cmiczeal an update it took a week to get a fix out.


Never had the app crash, importing through the implemented web-server option is great and fast.

Now Apple is reviewing apps much more quickly so I can get updates out more often, if something goes wrong I can fix it quickly too. You can read more about how this came about here: Comic Zeal Reviews 5. Instead email me at emolina bitolithic. When users upgrade an app, iOS installs the new version, moves the user’s data from the old one to the new one, then deletes the old one.

From the app-wide option menu you can set a passcode. The less I have to deal with iTunes the better. And enjoy you comic books cbr cbz with the best comic reader. Work continues in super-duper-earnest on the next big version update to Comic Zeal. So this version fixes that bug and one other.

From the app-wide option menu you can set a passcode. Comics used in the screenshots: It was last updated on Does it remember where in a comic I am? What happened was that during the update some of the comic page images got corrupted. Themes are now an In-App Purchase but existing customers will continue to have ipsd to all the earlier themes.

Hi all, First of all let me say sorry for the low quality of the initial 9. My previous go-to method for transferring files into Comic Zeal was to comicczeal to iTunes and then drag comic files into Comic Zeal located in the File Sharing section of the Apps tab.


They happen for the exact opposite reasons.

Comic Zeal Alternatives & Reviews

Hi all, do we have retina for you! It’s not just an update to the look, it’s also an update to the philosophy. From the top page of your collection you can see unread comics from everywhere. Instead email me at emolina bitolithic.

The collection view loses it’s wooden background. We’ve also taken this opportunity to get rid of some old user interface niggles.

We couldn’t have that.

Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad

Please note, the Box app does not allow other apps to access its document sharing extension unless you have an enterprise level account with them. We expect links and comiczdal that are not questions to foster discussion. In this version I’ve reduced the whitespace and added a comic page count indicator.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. To do that it asks the iPad to fetch a file that contains the version number of the first CZ you bought, most of the time the iPad then asks you to log in to your iTunes account to make sure CZ is not trying to do anything funny.

I tried Chunky, but wasn’t a big fan of the interface. Developer Website Comiczeall Support.

We are really excited to show you what we’ve been working on.