RULES. Here are the Basic Rules. Not including the required safety equipment that you’ll need – roll-cage, racing seat, racing harness — your car must be valued . To enter an event, competitors are required to select a vehicle from the list of cars at the end of the rule book. Vehicles are. ChumpCar World Series ® – Rules Rev. Table of Contents Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section.

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If you sell pieces off of your car, the money that comes back in can be used to offset the initial purchase price. Remember—there may be more than one vehicle to watch out for. Just take it off and hang it up to dry when you get out of chumpcae car. Silver duct tape is NOT acceptable. Tires are gules to a UTQG treadwear rating of or greater. No second fuel tanks allowed unless OE parts in their OE locations.

Battery Saver Jump Pack. Plugs into the same connectors as the Cool Shirt. Batteries located in, or visible from, rhles passenger compartment must be AGM-type or contained in a sealed battery box. A pit board homemade is fine is acceptable, as is a helmet-wired radio system. If any staff member sees a suspect leak you will be immediately black-flagged and sent to the tech shed.


If your visibility appears compromised during the race for any reason, you may be black-flagged until conditions improve. Retrieved 20 Nov Definition of an Entry and a Team: Rulee restraints are required when driving an open T-Top or convertible.

To say that he All batteries must be fully secured via proper, purpose-built battery brackets, battery frames, or factory body mounts.

The Race Gear You (And Your Team) Need to Go ChumpCar Racing

The series was similar in some ways to the 24 Hours of LeMonsanother low-cost endurance racing chumpcsr. Good spots include inside the rear windshield area; on top of the parcel shelf; and on the deck at the base of the rear-windshield area. Coolant must be water only—no antifreeze, anti-boil, water-wetter, or other additives allowed.

It is SFI approved, with a Nomex interior under a leather outer. The entry will be docked one lap for each BSF assigned. Loose wiring can cause fires and interfere with the driver; chumpcag or secure all wiring, hoses, and cables.

The Race Gear You (And Your Team) Need to Go ChumpCar Racing – Winding Road

Get your own race. Captains can wise up and quit any time; the quitting Captain can appoint a replacement or dissolve the team. Which means it is heavy and toasty.

Losing brake pressure because your fluid is overheated is also bad. Beside the chhmpcar and processes listed in Section 3, the following are considered safety-related and therefore exempt: Car numbers must be at least 12 inches tall and clearly readable. All cars earn 3 National Team Championship points per race start. All seatbacks must be restrained against rearward failure.


All seats must be strong enough to withstand major impacts from any angle. All teams get 3 Regional points per race start.

In exceptionally rare cases, very tiny cars may require a different solution—contact Lemons HQ well in advance.

ChumpCar World Series | rules

Anything loose in the cockpit can be a deadly missile in a crash; remove or secure any loose items. Type Rhles in other words, any motorcycle helmets and other non-SA helmets not allowed. No propane or other compressed fuels. Cars that show up with incorrect, improperly formatted, or otherwise hard-to-read numbers will fail tech instantly.

OE metal lines in good condition in their original location are exempt from this rule, but encasement is still recommended. Exhaust pipes may not end more than six inches inside the edge of the body i.