My latest book, Visual Poetry – A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Photographs hits the shelves next week! I just finished and launched the book. Fresh with the release of his new book Visual Poetry, Chris Orwig provides Get a sense of who Chris is before reading this, view/listen to his. There is one photography book that seems to always be on the top of the stack or the front of shelf however, Chris Orwig’s Visual Poetry. Maybe.

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Find the tools I use here. September 12, 5 Comments. Fresh with the release of his new book Visual PoetryChris Orwig provides this insightful guest blog post. It is a privilege to have the honor to provide a guest post for this blog!

John Paul is someone I admire deeply not only for his artistry but for the way he thinks, listens, challenges and empowers. Who he is, what he does and how he lives — inspires. So who am I? My name is Chris and Visuwl am an artist, photographer and teacher.

Almost all of the students start off with more than enough passion that acts as kindling to get the fire cgris. Many of those students go on to achieve unbelievable success.

I want the people I know and interact with to succeed.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing others soar to new heights. The book is a mixture of photography and creativity.

After high school he applied to a top film school in Los Angeles but was rejected. Unwilling to give up, he would petry a way.

Poery applied again, and the second denial hurt worse. Defeated, he was resigned to studying an unrelated topic at a second-rate state school. Unsuccessful, after a few years of college, he dropped out. One day he decided to take a tour of Universal Studios.

The open-air tour bus drove Steve and the other tourists around the back lot. Steve hopped off the back of the bus half way through the tour, slipped past security, and began to walk around. He wanted to be here. Later that day he left and walked out the main gate with a newly hatched plan.

Not even old enough to buy a beer, Steve bought his first suit and a tie. The next day, he was ready to play the part. Dressed like the rest, he walked up to the entrance of Universal Studios, waved to the security guard, and walked right in.


And he did this day after day. With a few pieces of discarded furniture, the closet was transformed into an office. And that is where it all began.

Book Review: Visual Poetry, Chris Orwig — AAU Lens

Within a handful of years, it was too good to be true. Steve was bursting onto the scene with his second feature-length film. The movie was a historic success and he has since become known as the father of all blockbusters. Steve, who we know as Steven Spielberg, found his own way. He never gave up, and neither should you. And if our task is to create compelling photographs, how can it be done? While the answer is multifaceted, there are a few critical parts.

It is a book about becoming. Becoming authentic, alive, vibrant, unfettered and renewed. It is written for those interested in becoming orsig it means to grow and change.

Visual Poetry : Chris Orwig :

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, photographer or physician, architect or acupuncturist, filmmaker or financial consultant, this book is written for you. In other words, it is like this: A poem always gives more. And poems are spare. With so little space, they require a distillation which concentrates and intensifies their meaning and effect. Poetry and good photographs have the potential to rekindle and ignite your imagination.

They both ask you to use your mind to fill in the gaps. Rather you have pletry read and look carefully and the more poery read, or the more you look, the better it becomes.

This book is all about getting you to make more poetic photographs.

At its core, the book is a mixture of anecdotes, ideas and photographs. It is divided into three sections:. These initial chapters are more conceptual and full of inspiring ideas. This is the section that makes up the bulk of the book. Each chapter includes inspiration, practical tips for shooting, gear suggestions, and workshop assignments to jump-start the progress of your own work. The more I learn about photography the more Prwig learn that photography is more broad and deep that I could imagine.

Thus learning photography requires that we listen to more than one voice. Their contributions bring wisdom, insight, and inspiration. Chris — I spent my whole morning going through your blog and site…great pietry. I also chrris your book and look forward to exploring it. Congratulations on its release, I can tell that your heart was really into it. We can all use some inspiration now and then and today I found it! What makes a photograph good? Good photography creates emotion, inquisition, inspiration, wonder, and amazement.


Good photography presents a unique view and interpretation of our physical world through the conscious and masterful technique of an artist. Good photography inspires my photography. It connects directly to my sensibilities and passions. Keep an open mind to seek understanding of the good in all things.

What character qualities should the photographer nurture and develop? Too often we are held back by self-inflicted fear and insecurity. We long for acceptance and shy away from the possibility of ridicule.

Visual Poetry : A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Digital Photographs

Our self-esteem is fragile, our egos strong. Once we can begin to overcome these obstacles, we can begin to have our own voice through our work.

We can be productive. We can learn, experiment, and grow.

Visual Poetry: A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Digital Photographs

The road is long and poetey in any endeavor that requires excellence. We must take responsibility for our own destiny and work everyday to realize our goals and dreams. Advice for the aspiring photographer? Always keep learning, always keep asking, always accept the situation given to you. Embrace pooetry and the tools that are available to help you connect with others.

There is power oewig collaboration and community. Develop friends and colleagues in the business. Be of service to others, whether it is your customers, vendors, fellow artists, chtis, those in need, or your country.

You reap what you sow. Above all be true to yourself. Know who you are, what you want to accomplish, have a plan, have goals, and just do it! Chris, Wonderful stuff here! Pretty cool about Steven Spielberg too is that how you got the job Brooks? I appreciate your passion for all you do and teach, and I see this taking off for you. Chris, Wonderful stuff here, well done! I appreciate your passion in photography and teaching. I am always in search of that quality in my images.

Printing Creativity Photographers Images.

Thanks Doug — I appreciate the good words! From Doug Eng … What inspires you?