Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp (Paperback)) [P. B. Kerr, Philip Kerr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From acclaimed thriller. Best-selling author P.B. Kerr wowed readers with The Akhenaten Adventure (RB # ), the first entry in his critically acclaimed Children of the Lamp fantasy. The Blue Djinn of Babylon is the second novel in the Children of the Lamp series written by British author P. B. Kerr. John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old.

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Some of the selling points were, well I like fantasy so I thought that magic people would suit my interest. For adults, there’s some good humor and a good writing style we will enjoy tue well. John and three companions must travel from Jordan to Babylon, modern day Iraq also one of the most dangerous countries in the worldto save his sister from a terrible fate, even worse than death.

This book probably only deserves a four-star rating, because ths had it’s problems. The trap was set and Philippa is abducted by the Blue Djinn. Lzmp somehow, the Blue Djinn of Babylon – the deciding power in the djinn world; the one djinn if is above Good and Evil – is involved. They are tricked and Phillipa is kidnapped. She is even elevated above good and evil, because she does not look at what is good or evil, but acts to reason and logic.

Yes, this took months to read – but our library system had banylon one 1 copy, with three other people waiting for it on hold. John goes in search of Philippa, who is being held at the Blue Djinn’s secret palace in Babylon.

When John and Philippa hear that an extremely book, which, in the wrong hands could spell doom in huge capitol letters for the balance of luck in all the world, john and Philippa immediately decide to confront the book and take the book back to protect the balance of luck in the world. Dan saya jadi nge-fans dengan Mr. My thoughts on this book are similar to the first one.


The Blue Djinn Of Babylon (Children of the Lamp) by P. B. Kerr

It all starts when the Solomon Grimore is reported missing, and the twins, John and Phillipa are called upon to help find it. In this fun fantasy adventure tale, year-old djinn genie twins John and Philippa are sent on a whirlwind literally, the first part of their journey is via a magical whirlwind conjured by their uncle Nimrod quest to retrieve the powerful and dangerous Solomon Grimoire, which has been reported stolen.

The twins have developed and seem more mature than before–in the first book I mentally wanted to ground them for several months for their awful spoiled attitudes.

To ask other readers questions about The Blue Djinn of Babylonplease sign up. Rarely, I get invited with Nick my brother whether it is golfing, swimming, or just to go over his house.

The Blue Djinn Of Babylon (Children of the Lamp)

John must save his sister before she is lost After Layla appears, having been summoned by the transformation of Alan and Neil, she transforms Montana Retch into a cat, reversing her previous vow never to use djinn power again. They travel across the globe, from New York to Istanbul to Berlin to Budapest, but, little do they know, a trap has been set and the djinn twins are about to walk right into it.

During a tournament, Philippa is unfairly accused and convicted of cheating, and this shock compels her to offer her help when a powerful book of djinn magic goes missing. One of the biggest of them was how the group get into an American military base in Iraq. Bin gespannt wie die Geschichte weiter geht. I must say I liked this book better than the first book.

You would like it if you enjoy djinn tales or stories of rescuing family members. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Goon, namun untuk karakter Mr. What really hurt the book were the huge and numerous plot holes. For the position, see Blue Djinn of Babylon.


Dec 13, Thom rated it really liked it Shelves: Quotes from The Blue Djinn of Philippa becomes the Blue Djinn until John rescues her and Layla goes to replace her. But when something actually needs too be done, you look for a woman. The Blue Djinn of Babylon is an interesting concept with a poor execution. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article is about the book. Philippa is framed for cheating and disqualified. The biggest problem I had with the book was the many big plot holes, which is why I gave this book three stars instead of a higher score.

The Blue Djinn of Babylon

He also imobilized John and Phillipa and kidnapped Phillipa. They learn about a powerful book of djinn magic childeen has been stolen from the Blue Djinn of Babylon the most powerful djinn and the ruler of all the six tribes three good, three bad.

Ternyata ini bisa menyakiti anak-anak jin marid! The Blue Djinn of Babylon is a symbolic leader of all Djinn, both evil and good. It is then reported that the Solomon Grimoire book has been stolen, with the power to have power over all djinn! In this book the characters childrwn In this book, two djinn twins, John and Phillipa, have to retrieve the Solomon Grimore book, which is reported stolen. And it was great how Phillipa didn’t sit and cry or anything like that, she actually became a lot braver than in the previous book.

The symbol of the Blue Djinn “Blue Djinn” redirects here. Later John, Nimrod, Philippa and the twins’ mother decide to go along with izaak’s plan-to send the twins on a train to meet Izaak, who, Nimrod has figured out, is the one who stole the Grimoire.

It is amazing how great these books are. They visit Virgil Macreeby, who sells them a map of Iravotum, where Philippa is being held.