Causes of Miscarriage and Signs of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is one of the most worrying things and is feared by pregnant women. The shadow of the baby’s presence, the cute baby, disappeared when the miscarriage approached. Coupled with pain, stress, and even trauma haunt pregnant women who have miscarriages.

Therefore, let us know what miscarriage is, what causes it and how the signs of miscarriage are. To find out about the ins and outs of miscarriages, it is hoped that miscarriages can be avoided.
Miscarriage is defined as fetal discharge or premature labor before being able to live. The risk of miscarriage has a percentage of 15% – 40% of pregnant women, and 60-75% of miscarriages occur before 3 months of gestation. However, the number of events or the risk of miscarriage will decrease at the age of 3 months.
The cause of a miscarriage
The factors that cause miscarriage are:
• The existence of abnormalities in the fetus caused by chromosomal abnormalities, which occur during the process of fertilization. As a result, the embryos formed are deformed and expelled by the body.
• The presence of abnormalities in the mother, such as abnormalities in hormonal cysts (can be too high prolactin hormone or progesterone that is too low), the immune system, chronic infections, and severe illnesses suffered by the pregnant woman.
• Presence of abnormalities in the uterus. The most current abnormality is the presence of myoma (muscle tissue tumor) which can interfere with embryo growth. other disorders, the uterus is too weak so it is unable to withstand the weight of a developing fetus. Pregnancy in the uterus that is too weak is usually only able to survive until the end of the first trimester.
• Other causes are infections, such as TORCH, HIV, Hepatitis etc.
• Miscarriages can also be caused by lifestyle. Women who tend to smoke, consume alcohol, obesity or weight gain are less able to have hormonal disorders that result in pregnancy disorders.
Signs of miscarriage
Before a miscarriage actually occurs, there are usually several signs that indicate something that is not correct in the process of pregnancy. Signs of miscarriage are:
Bleeding is the most common sign. Bleeding that occurs can only be in the form of patches that last long until the bleeding is severe. Sometimes there are parts of the tissue that are torn that come out together with the blood. For example, a part of a torn uterine wall tissue or a torn amniotic sac.
Cramps or stomach cramps
This sign feels like stomach cramps at the beginning of the month. The condition of cramps takes place over a long period of time. Cramps or seizures can also occur in the pelvic area
Pain in the lower abdomen
Pain in the lower abdomen occurs for a long time. Apart from around the abdomen, pain can also occur in the lower part of the pelvis, groin, and genital area. This pain occurs within a few hours to several days after symptoms of bleeding appear.