Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time and how to undertake it than Catechesi Tradendae. Pastoral Liturgy Catechesi Tradendae, “On Catechesis in Our Time”, October 16, Catechesi Tradendae is Pope John Paul II’s 1st. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time Pope John Paul II 16 October The full document is .

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Blaise Pascal, Le mystere de Jesus: Priests and religious have in catechesis a pre-eminent field for their apostolate. Numerous very successful works have been produced and are a real treasure in the service of catechetical instruction. A ttadendae subtle challenge occasionally comes from the very way of conceiving faith.

Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae : University of Dayton, Ohio

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Secondly, the deep desire to understand better the Spirit’s action and to entrust oneself to Him more fully – at a time when “in the Church we are living an exceptionally favorable season of the Spirit,” as my predecessor Paul VI remarked in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi – must bring about a catechetical awakening.

From the oral teaching by the apostles and the letters circulating among the churches down to the most modern means, catechesis has not ceased to look for the most suitable ways and means for its mission, with the active participation of the communities and at the urging of the pastors.

We must be grateful to the Lord for this contribution by the laity, but it is also a challenge to our responsibility as pastors, since these lay catechists must be carefully prepared for what is, if not a formally instituted ministry, at the very least a function of great importance in the Church. The Church has not ceased to devote her energy to this task.

This is moreover an occasion for me to reaffirm my firm conviction that to show respect for the Catholic faith of the young to the extent of facilitating its education, its implantation, its consolidation, its free profession and practice would certainly be to the honor of any government, whatever be the system on which it is based or the ideology from which it draws its inspiration.


Jesus Christ is at the heart of catechesis.

How many of us have received from people like you our first notions of catechism and our preparation for the sacrament of Penance, for our first Communion and Confirmation! Paul was frequently repeated in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi to describe the evangelizing activity of the Church, for example 4, 15, 78, Jen — These are my favorite quotes from this document.

Catechesi Tradendae – Wikipedia

AAS 22pp. On catechesos one hand, it is certainly a duty springing from a command given by the Lord and resting above tradenrae on those who in the new covenant receive the call to the ministry of being pastors.

A few years ago, there was much talk of the secularized world, the post-Christian era. This catechesis is didactic in character, but is directed towards the giving of witness in the faith.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2

How are we to reveal Jesus Christ, God made man, to this multitude of children and young people, reveal Him not just in the fascination of a first fleeting encounter but through an acquaintance, growing catechesjs and clearer daily, with Him, His message, the plan of God that He has revealed, the call He addresses to each person, and the kingdom that He wishes to establish in this world with the “little flock” 87 of those who believe in Him, a kingdom that will be complete only in eternity?

Because of their charge, pastors have, at differing levels, the chief responsibility for fostering, guiding and coordinating catechesis.

In order that the sacrificial offering of his or her faith 75 should be perfect, the person who becomes a disciple of Christ has the right to tradrndae “the word of faith” 76 not in mutilated, falsified or diminished form but whole and entire, in all its rigor and vigor. Throughout sacred history, especially in the Gospel, God Himself used a pedagogy that must continue to be a model for the pedagogy of faith.

The truths studied in catechesis are the same truths that touched the person’s heart when he heard them for the first time. Peter’s, on October 16,the second year of my pontificate. One can understand why people of every kind, race and nation have for 2, years in all the languages of the earth given Catechesjs this title with veneration, repeating in their own ways the exclamation of Nicodemus: In any case, the method chosen must ultimately be referred to a law that is fundamental for the whole of the Church’s life: The two synods, andtradwndae twins in the ministry of the Word.


In the understanding expounded here, catechesis keeps the entirely pastoral perspective with which the synod viewed it.

Catechesi Tradendae

Born of families that are already Christian or converted at some time to Christianity and instructed by missionaries or by another catechist, they then consecrate their lives, year after year, to catechizing children and adults in their own country.

Catechesis aims therefore at developing understanding of the mystery of Christ in the light of God’s word, so that the whole of a person’s humanity is impregnated by that word. And is that a little smiley face way at the bottom of the page? The theme designated by my predecessor Paul VI for the fourth general assembly of the synod of Bishops was: You are commenting using your WordPress.

On the contrary, their perfect complementarity must be fostered: Let tradendas first of all recall that there is no separation or opposition between catechesis and evangelization.

As had been the case at the evangelization synod, the bishops requested that a magisterial document be written in summary of the deliberations. Experience shows, for example, the effect had by instruction given on radio or television, when it combines catfchesis high aesthetic level and rigorous fidelity tradenrae the magisterium.

Life went from the desert tradfndae the wedding banquet in a matter of days.