Monacor Technology for an excellent sound. Virtual Catalogues. Speaker Building NOW. More than 30 concepts for successfully building speakers yourself . MONACOR INTERNATIONAL is specialized in products of the ranges Security- and PA- technology inclusive installation material (MONACOR), stage and event . CATALOGUES ยท Ordering Catalogues Welcome to MONACOR INTERNATIONAL. Thank you very the B2B webshop of MONACOR INTERNATIONAL, simply.

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You can choose the delivery date at your convenience. We only monacorr and use your personal data if it is required for processing your enquiry. Cancel inquiry Submit inquiry. Together, we will identify challenges at an early stage and ensure that you can provide your customer with the perfect solution.

Extensive examination of the products and our detailed instruction manuals result in high standards and a high quality.

Stage and Event Technology

Fatalogue client Monacor International was founded in in Bremen, Germany. In the Spotlight Our primary objective was to promote the new Monacor printed product catalogue here in the UK, whilst reinforcing the companies positioning across europe as a monolithic supplier of solutions to the sound and lighting markets. The product range includes wired stage microphones, catlogue instrument microphones and professional wireless solutions.

Archives Archives Select Month January You can take your time and have the opportunity to establish your requirements. A leader in the distribution of pro-audio technology with a product monacod of over 5, items, some serious design know-how was required and after an initial meeting with the MD of Monacor UK, it was only natural that Hatch became their agency of choice.


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MONACOR – Support

Abort inquiry Submit inquiry. Unfortunately, there are no hits for your search term. Shipping within Germany is free of charge unless specified otherwise.

The device firmware contains free software which is xatalogue under GNU licence. Other charges and shipping costs may apply for other countries. As part of a bigger brief, our task was to create awareness in the UK of the IMG Stage Line brand, although well respected in its homeland Germany, the firm felt BPM offered an opportunity to showcase the brand and gain its deserved recognition and credibility amongst the DJ collective. At this stage I was not looking for the next Van Gough, but that initial spark of genius that could be scribbled down on a beer mat, regardless, you can see straight away the idea is gold!

Please try a more general search or ask our Support team for assistance.

Recording – Live – Broadcast

As this design was to appear on both faces of the bag we only needed to set up artwork for one gusset and one front face. Following the initial presentation of ideas to the client, a decision was made to amalgamate a couple of favoured elements from separate designs. After shooting multiple compositions in different lighting environments, the final solution would be an outdoor shot of the amp at a front tilted perspective with the headphones strategically hanging over the lower left quadrant.

A cleverley angled IMG DJ mixer and headphones leading into the physical handles, adorn the front faces of this double sided show stopper. The effort makes the JTS microphone a marvel in terms of affordability, performance and reliability.


This offer is available for at least 3 years after publication of the respective firmware. Look on our respective brand website to find out what our product brands got in store for you.

With the sectors identified we chose five or six products from each that would best relay thier diversity. Stage and Event Technology. The above photo-realistic visual was created by the digital alchemists here at Hatch and it really is a testament to their skills when you consider that it was conceived before the bag was produced!

We have the right sound engineering for datalogue every application.

Set up your own customer account and take advantage from a highly convenient operation. Inspired by our international partners and a close observation of the cstalogue markets, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive know-how and expertise in the fields of security technology and event technology.

Just enter your contact information to get started! Upon request, we will make the source code of this software module available. Our motivated team is looking forward to the challenging tasks in an international environment and continues to focus on customers’ needs and requirements.

With the required products shipped to Hatch an experimental photoshoot got underway. We will respond as quickly as possible.