()*, , , , et S 3MMC. IMPORTANT: Conserver ces directives d’utilisation à titre de référence. Cartucho Serie Instrucciones. cartucho/filtro If the 3MTM Mercury . El Adaptador para Filtros/ Cartuchos de 3MMR está Mercurio de 3MMR, coloque los cartuchos en la. Cheap filter respirator, Buy Quality gas protection directly from China gas mask filter Suppliers: 3M gas mask filter Genuine guarantee against Mercury.

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Use only exact replacement parts in the confi guration as specifi ed. The effectiveness of a respirator will be reduced if it is not fi t tested properly. Your employer must provide 609 air that meets at least the requirements of the specifi cation for Grade. Conserve estas Instrucciones para referencia futura.

To replace, position the gasket so the small cut-out on the gasket is pointing. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Push the gasket groove onto the plastic bar and seat the gasket. The following procedure can be used as a guideline.


Facepieces do not include fi lters, chemical cartridges, retainers or airline accessories. Standard eyeglasses cannot be worn with full facepiece respirators. For Combination Dual Airline where cartridges or fi lters are attached perform user seal check as described. Add to my manuals Add.


P95 Particulate Filter, hydrogen fl uoride, with nuisance level acid gas relief. Rinse in fresh, warm water and air dry in noncontaminated atmosphere.

3M 7800S User Instructions

H – Follow established cartridge and canister change schedules or observe ESLI to ensure that cartridges and. Formaldehyde and certain organic vapors. If respirator becomes damaged, leave the contaminated area immediately and repair or replace the respirator. Remove the gaskets from each side of the facepiece. The grill pattern with deep indentation in the center should be visible from inside the respirator.

C – Do not exceed maximum use concentrations established by regulatory standards. See User Instructions included with air regulating valves for. In environments containing only oil aerosols, P-series. Turn fi lter clockwise until it is fi rmly seated and cannot be further turned Fig. It should snap securely into fi lter retainer. To meet the U.

Cleaning with solvents may degrade some respirator components and. Examine all plastic parts and gaskets for signs of cracking or fatiguing and replace if necessary. Using the diaphragm removal tool, turn diaphragm retaining ring counter clockwise and. Ne pas utiliser lorsque la.


P Advanced Particulate Filter, 3M recommended ozone protection. The mercury vapor cartridges must be discarded when the ESLI changes to the discard color found on the mercury. Grasp the edges of the valve and pull away from the plastic post. Replace the two center screws and tighten. J – Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death.

Disinfect facepiece by soaking in a solution of quaternary ammonia disinfectant or sodium hypochloride 1 oz. Les produits de la Division des produits de protection individuelle de 3M sont. Engage front snap by squeezing front of cartridge and adapter together.