Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Other Continuum books by Elias Canetti. Audo-da-Fe. The Tongue Set Free Crowds. 2. Power (Social sciences) I. Title. HMC

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It’s as illuminating as hell, yet for all of that I cannot muster the enthusiasm to keep plugging, and I’m itching to move on to something else; thus, I’ll shelve it in the old Working Through category and finish it off gradually, in bits and pieces. The book is very exotic in its language, its examples, its leaps of reason, and once you absorb them it changes your worldview.

Crowds and Power

Want hij is ten eerste knokenhard over caneetti gevaren van machthebbers, die hij vermoedelijk ook vermoed in democratisch gekozen machthebbers. Maar Canetti lezen is voor mij wel een manier om de scherpe kantjes daarvan wat minder scherp te maken. It is notable for its unusual tone; although wide-ranging in its erudition, it is not scholarly or academic in a conventional way.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Crowds and Power Volume of Compass Books. Zowel de onschuldige aanraking als de gevaarlijke aanval ligt erin besloten, en iets van het laatste klinkt in het eerste altijd door”. Overstatements, stereotypes, all-too-tidy categories, and strained associations abound, yet the more one approaches the book as literature and less as a crowdd treatise the more one can appreciate the insights throughout.

The Resentment of the Dead. It is a phenomenology not a sociological study. Geweldige zinnen, naar mijn smaak. Its rambling, discursive style is somewhat disorienting. Here, Canetti considers the human tendency to gather into groups, packs, herds and large crowds. Elias Canetit, the Nobel Prize-winning author of this book, would be unhappy to learn that he’s now best known as Iris Murdoch’s one-time lover.

One of the seminal books of the 20th century — a synthesis of anthropology, sociology, deep psychology, xnd science, and folklore as channeled by a brilliant Romanian Jew who witnessed the rise and fall of Hitler and Stalin. Maar echt exceptioneel crkwds vond ik het hoofdstuk “De overlevende”, waarin Canetti ons via diverse mythische, exotische en historische verhalen confronteert met een genadeloze hypothese: Opzwepende en inspirerende woorden, vind ik.


Uses many anthropoligical examples, although some links are more tenuous than ceowds. And with a subject as incisive and important as power, we must all become intellectual savants Jun 29, Brett Green rated it liked it Shelves: To me, this is mister Canetti presenting his elaborate, pretentious, shallow, completely unsupported by research theories about crowds in the most patronizing and infurating way I’ve This is utter bullsht, or rather I should say I wholeheartedly believe it to be so.

His concerns are so human that the abstractions take root. Quotes crosds Crowds and Power.

Crowds and Power – Wikipedia

It was a threat not just cantti Clinton but to the essential conditions of elected government. Bovendien werkt hij in “Massa en macht” niet expliciet uit wat die middelen en wegen zijn om zich voor het bevel te vrijwaren. He uses many neologisms–constructing, as he goes, a new language with which to view discourses on power. Islam as a Religion of War. Elias brings in a whole range of topics such as panic, rhythm, crowds of people and their types, the dead, hunting packs, native Indians, religious wars, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Muharram, European nationalities, the destruction of the Xhosas, monkeys, epidemics, questions, commands, Mongols, African culture and the sultan of Delhi.


Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti

In late s he started to live in Zurich permanently. My favorite being that concerning fire. The best insights can sometimes come from meandering pathways.

Illustrati con ampi ampissim stralci di etologia — forse con sfumature enologiche – e antropologia, ma, francamente, a patto di non esser interessati alla vita particolareggiatamente descritta nei suoi momenti topici, di parecchi popoli primitivi e non ho detto selvaggi!

Jul 24, Ryan rated it it was amazing. The crowd is a “mysterious and universal phenomenon,” he writes. En toch bevat dit magnifieke boek volgens mij belangrijke en inspirerende suggesties om ons te wapenen tegen de macht van het bevel. I particularly enjoyed Canetti’s discussion of symbols of the crowd, the psychology of teeth and digestion, the hero, and fame.

This is one of my favorite books of all time — perhaps even more so in recent years, with the West finally learning how to become a crowd once again. I found dazzling new insights and alternative takes on subjects I thought I had settled my mind about long ago.


Elk kind heeft meerdere bevelen moeten opvolgen, elke ondergeschikte heeft tientallen van zulke angels moeten oppotten in zijn lichaam. Elias brings in a whole range of topics such as panic, rhythm, crowds of people and their types, the dead, hunting packs, native Indians, religious wars, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Muharram, European nationalities, the destruction of the Xhosas, monkeys, epidemics, questions, c I thought this was amazing.

Het is een geniaal Van Elias Canetti Nobelprijs heb ik het nodige gelezen, en vooral “Het Martyrium” vond ik echt geweldig. Canetti is a genius. Classification of Crowds according to Their Prevailing Emotion. Of, in Canetti’s hamerende woorden: The Survivor cantti Primitive Belief. Ik ben en blijf kortom een rancuneuze lul die ook bij anderen rancuneuze angels zal blijven inplanten. Dat had eerder gemogen, want dit was echt een meesterwerk in de buitencategorie.

May 23, Ana rated it did ppower like it Shelves: Masse und Macht is a book by Elias Canettidealing with the dynamics of crowds and “packs” and the question of how and why canteti obey power of rulers. Dat soort identificatie, waarbij het ik door totale inleving daadwerkelijk in de ander metamorfoseert, is de machthebber uiteraard een gruwel. Maar ook, in meer gedomesticeerde vorm, van diverse veel beschaafde leiders nu. It feels epic because of the multitudinous stories. The obvious point of Crowds and Power is to escape from the tacit, largely unexamined presumptions and categories of social scientific thought.

La formazione del nazismo secondo Canetti. Maar ook dat die muren vervolgens weer enorm beklemmend zijn, omdat ze cxnetti tot isolatie en onverbondenheid.

Anderen hebben dat bij mij gedaan door soms net wat rapper of slimmer te zijn dan ik, en daarvoor stel ik mij dan schadeloos door later een keer rapper te zijn dan zij of door mij af te reageren op mijn vrouw of mijn vrienden.