A Christian critique of art: Two lectures given at the Unionville Study Conference of the Association for Reformed Scientific Studies on August 28 – 30, by Calvin Seerveld edited by John H. Kok. $ US; pages; paperback; ISBN / Discussion of human imaginativity, of ordinary. Calvin Seerveld (b. in New York), professor Emeritus in Aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS), Toronto, received an MA in English literature .

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The artwork itself displays breathtaking perfection over every inch. Certainly not—or at least not for the Christian. Rather than focusing on whatever deficiencies may saturate the modern art world, I will instead focus on something that is quite different, and is so in a way that is exceedingly Christian.

Frohnen and Kenneth L.

Calvin Seerveld – Wikipedia

Christian art should display artistic finesse. Augustine is clear that virtue is among the perfections one may cultivate, and vice among the privations he may suffer. The importance of these ambiguities becomes clear when considering two possible readings of Seerveld. Thus, while one may cultivate an abundance of technical artistic perfections, this in itself does not guarantee excellence, for artistic values are not limited to technique.

Schema for a cartographic methodology for doing art calvvin, demonstrated with critique of the art of Watteau, Hogarth, Mengs, Peter S. American theologians American male poets Calvinist and Reformed philosophers Calvin College alumni Living people University of Calvvin alumni births American male non-fiction writers.

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He has published numerous articles on patristic theology, enlightenment philosophy, and contemporary philosophy of religion in journals such as Modern Theology, Faith and Philosophy, and Philosophia Christi. Schmiesing Associate Editor Jordan J. If twisted morally, these goods are severely tainted.

To the antirealist side, I would make two points. Yet, matter has no innate properties of its own; whatever perfections are made manifest are instilled from without by the deity. Seerveld has been influential in the reformational movement.


Biblical studies on psalms, on how to read Proverbs, on human corporeality, pleasure, becoming elderly, with songs on the weather, friendship, and married love. Make checks payable URL: Thematic and historical settings and singable versifications are given.

Calvin Seerveld – Faculty, Institute for Christian Studies

Lest there is any hesitation at the notion of ontic superiority, consider the question: He is also the Don C. Static drawn on a U. According to my previous installment, I am inclined to think that the realist reading of Seerveld offers the most cogent position.

Nick Crossley and John Michael Roberts, eds. seefveld

ccalvin Instead, I think it more sober to think in terms of the central question of this essay, namely, stewardship. Figures, charts, the style described in the Chicago Manual of Style. We therefore face a choice. Faced with such options, a realist view of values commends itself as supremely reasonable. A convincing look at this enigmatic book of the Bible treated as God’s Word about erotic human love in the wisdom tradition.

It is pure potentiality, which may be instilled with seerveod number of perfections and formed by God into any number of things. To be seervelc, I would agree that many of the things Seerveld names are perfections that an artist may possess and that may, as such, be manifest in the artistic sphere.

The Fall of the Elite Object Knoxville: Given that Seerveld and I are in agreement to whatever extent he is a realist, I will speak to the antirealist side of this equation.

Please send address changes to Archives are available at: First, artworks, as I understand the matter of artistry, are objects or events produced by imaginative humans who have the skill to give media stone, paint, words, voice a defining quality of allusivity that brings nuanced knowledge to others who give the object informed attention. If the original woodcut or composed song is mediocre or of shoddy construction, the fact that it can be more economically reproduced than a one-off oil painting or architectural monument is not worth much.


I would exhort those who are concerned with seeing a renewal of Christian art to consider whether involvement in the contem- porary art world as it stands is in fact good stewardship.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. On this realist reading, condition 4, for example, indicates that being imaginative is a real property of either the artist, the artwork, or both—depending on how ambiguity b is resolved. Lambert Zuidervaart identifies four claims that constitute Seerveld’s contribution to aesthetics If no satisfactory answer can be given, we are left to either embrace the testimony of our seervekd faculties, as Origen commends, or accept perpetual skepticism.

Lee received his Ph. New Perspectives on the Public Sphere Oxford: His doctoral dissertation focused on the doctrine of creation particularly the God-world relationship and the implications of the doctrine for ecological ethics. As Jacob once wrestled with an angel at Jabbok and refused to let go until he had been blessed, Calvin Seerveld urges readers in this collection of probing meditations to wrestle in faith with the God revealed in Jesus Christ.

His primary areas of research are the doctrine of creation and theology of preaching. Higher are creatures that possess not only existence, life, and growth but also animation and limited capacities of will.