But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God See how your business, and your life in business, can be dedicated to GodÕs glory. Grudem offers solid guidance for avoiding marketplace temptations while simultaneously Business for the Glory of God () by Wayne Grudem. (96 pages) Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady–manipulating the “bottom line,”.

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Apr 04, Julie Stroud rated it it was amazing. When you are beyond your means?

Or sometimes it considered outright evil. In other cases, he seems to be cherry-picking and proof-texting his personal opinions. But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: An excellent little book on a most important topic. What a great way to give glory to God!

Christian businesspeople might sometimes feel a bit guilty over their jobs. This is a very short book, just over two hours in the excellent audio version from christianaudio.

Borrowing a A good little book that accomplishes its task of briefly showing “that many aspects of business activity are morally good in themselvesand that in themselves they bring glory to God–though they also have great potential for misuse and wrongdoing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It is in places repetitive, but the content within is a broad and solid foundation to the subject. He argues that the components of business, divided into nine chapters, are actually fundamentally good, and provide greater opportunities to bring glory to God. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Crossway Books- Religion – 96 pages. Pay a person what they are worth.

It’s got some interesting points and provides a basic theological groundwork for business but that’s about it. Wish he would have separated the two more to talk about it more. There is nothing wrong with a democracy and a thriving capitalistic economy, but I am afraid that some of the waynw claims and statements reflected his cultural bias.

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Business for the Glory of God – Wayne Grudem

The final chapters were excellent reminders of correctly aligning one’s heart, and responding to global need. My library Help Advanced Ogd Search. To not lend due to adverse selection issue. I thought this was a helpful primer on how to think about business from a biblical perspective.

Man, as a sinner, can and does certainly corrupt it into something bad; but contrary to the belief that business or even profit is a “necessary evil” Grudem shows that it is truly a good institution that God uses to bring glory to Him As the title suggests, this book is about doing business for the glory of God. God has endowed people differently in terms of backgrounds, talents, access to resources, etc.

His thesis was well supported, interesting, and was very helpful for me personally. Operating on a cash basis would lower our standard of living. Would of like more explanations and more focus on solutions to negatives in business.

Dr Grudem argues that business is not morally neutral nor is it a necessary evil. Grudem first attempts to prove that, say, competition is “fundamentally good” by using a medley of passages and biblical examples.

Feb 08, Kingsley Layton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Employee temptation to sin through carelessness Prov. He then admits the possible abuses or misuses of competition, and concludes by reminding the reader that this does not make competition all bad.

This biblically based book is a thoughtful guide to imitating God during interactions with customers, coworkers, employees, and other businesses.

Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

HIs insights are thought-provoking and profitable for group discussions. But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: Establishing a Successful Business: No trivia or quizzes yet.

There is also a touching naivety about it, that we the consumers set the price for the goods we pay – or we simply would stop buying them p41it seems that despite food riots around the world and rising fears about energy costs at home not everything is subject to Dr Grudem’s laws.

I believe we need both types of Christians as well as those who fall somewhere in betweenand that the Church thrives with members who have wealth, as well as those who are willing to give up all material possessions and live a life of radical faith. Accumulating and hoarding too much, serving money as an idol. In another section of the book, Grudem asserts, “Competition seems to be the system God intended when he gave people greater talents in one area and gave other people greater talents in another area.


I’m sad to think back to the number of times I’ve taught about the importance of money as eliminating the double coincidence of wants without reasoning that that is a gift of God.

He was able to break down some very complex economic ideas into language that the average reader would be able to understand and accept. Jan 29, Matt Lewis rated it really liked it. He ends with a short review on the effects of the above on attitudes of the heart and the effect of business on world poverty. Our production from the earth is also part of the process of cultivating the earth, subduing it, and multiplying what comes from it Gen 1: Account Options Sign in.

Me ane te nje besimi te patundur, si Mali i Sionit zgjodha keshtu. Business he feels is under attack and good Christians end up worrying that by being involved in business they are somehow falling short.

But it’s worth the read and I think it probably is subsumed by Grudem’s massive work on politics that came out a year or two ago. Frequently, the author states that a principle is drawn from Scripture and then moves on to build his argument in such rapid-fire succession that many readers may not take time to examine whether or not this is truly what the Scripture is saying.