From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them. Warbreaker is a fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on June 9, by Tor Books. Sanderson released several. Warbreaker is a Cosmere novel by Brandon Sanderson, which is available for purchase in bookstores or for free download from his website.

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Warbreaker is a Cosmere novel by Brandon Sandersonwhich is available for purchase in bookstores or for free download from his website. And that is exactly what made this book shine the brightest – the story. Open Preview See a Problem? This is the end of my review and even though Warbreaker were supposed to be a standalone, apparently we will get another sequel in the far future titled “Nightblood” and I definitely can’t wait warbraeker read the continuation of the story.

Yet in spite of that, this book stands out to me as one of his bestand it was an instant favorite of mine from the first time I read it.

They’re alive, but they’ve lost some essential spark. But, now you can understand reasons for my saltiness with Brandon’s work.


Brandon’s editor told him that his next story after Elantris and Sancerson had to have some color to it, since those stories were both dark, so he replied that he would then write about a color based magic system. The Ember Blade Chris Wooding 9. Prince Yarvi has vowed to regain a throne he never wanted.

First things first, Warbreaker is the first book by Brandon Sanderson I read which aren’t from the Mistborn series and while it doesn’t live up to the greatness of the original Mistborn trilogy for me, this is still a really great read. Through the contrast between the Hallandren and Idrian civilizations, a few major themes are displayed.

Legion Legion series 1 8. This is how she feels when talking to Lightsong, its either this or you get confused. Vasher then reveals that he is actually one of the Five Scholars—those who originally discovered the Commands for using BioChromatic Breath—and bestows upon the God King the code to awaken the city’s secret army of nearly indestructable Lifeless soldiers, which have been hidden in plain sight throughout the city as statues.

Those with a multitude of Breaths can also Awaken inanimate objects and Command said objects to do their will. Sanderson does this thing. Sanderson knows how to end a book. Just as it ruined me by dominating my childhood, by forcing me to honor the obligation to be taken and raped in the name of protecting my country.


However, Vasher is captured and tortured by Denth, who is revealed to have been working for the God King’s Pahn Kahl priests, who are trying to incite war between the Idrians and Hallendren so they can take the city for themselves.

You can find sample chapters of each of my published works at the end of this document. I’m happy to say I ended up really enjoying Warbreaker. This is a world where some men and women have returned from the dead and they live off those breathes or breathes can be used to reanimate inanimate objects and dead things.

And there were a whole bunch of major and minor characters, all vying for space and relevance. At times, the dialogue between these characters seemed childish rather than witty, and I didn’t really feel like it added a whole lot to the story. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. However, one of the city’s Returned gods, Lightsong, also imprisoned in the dungeon, sacrifices himself by giving the God King his BioChromatic Breath.

The Alloy of Law Mistborn: I’m always on the edge of my seat because his stories are so full of twists and are the least predictable books I’ve read. But when you introduce magic that is at once incredibly costly and incredibly difficult to master, things actually get a lot more interesting. Using magic is arduous as breath can only be collected one unit at a time.

Warbreaker – Wikipedia

If you’re looking for a book to keep you engaged that has an interesting consequence based magic system that’s a nice plot device on the side rather than a dominating feature then you should enjoy this book. Theirs is a world in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city.

The pantheon of gods are forming factions and we are plunged into a variety of different conflicts, always kept wondering who is going to do what and what are their motivations It is sanferson, and I intend to stick to my original plan. He is as mysterious as the God King but a lot more violent. Also, he’s the most prolific fantasy author, in my eyes; he shows his readers love by working incredibly hard to get us new books as quickly as possible!


If your god asked you to give up your Breath—or even the Breath of your child—wouldn’t you do it? Like most of the other reviews I agree the ending felt a bit rushed, and the sequel was set up in Enjoyed this a lot. Sanderson introduces a new magical system in Warbreaker, called Awakening.

How can I de s cribe this book a nd wh y I loved it. He imbued the story with mirthand his existential questions found their answers in the most astonishing manner.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Every man is a hero in his own story. Vivenna has been raised her entire life to marry the God King of the rival nation of Hallandrenin the hopes that this marriage will forestall Hallandren’s invasion of Idris, which they have been threatening for years. Warbreaker tells us of the twin journeys of the sisters, who are playing games with the fate of nations at stake…. A huge part of why I really liked this book had to do with the conflict of interests that existed a n d th e hidden agendas.

You can read about him in the prologue. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review. After Sanderso In Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson gives readers imaginative epic fantasy world-building along with a good story what one generally comes to expect from Sanderson and sanserson he consistently delivers on.

Young Corban watches enviously as boys become warriors, learning the art of war. View all 28 comments. That sanderosn said, there is a host of other amazing characters: Vivenna was contracted through treaty to marry the God King of rival nation Hallandren. These characters are always young adults, so the forging process is entirely believable.

Because it is not only about the Fantasy, it is also about the human relationships, the banter, the things that make us heroes in the eyes of the ones around us, our self awareness, and the way we perceive the world around us. This is in part shown by the mistreatment of Idrian workers, who are thought to be boring, untrustworthy, and stuffy.

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