Find I Ching by Blofeld, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. I Ching translated by John Blofeld. John Blofeld () was a British writer on Asian religion and philosophy. His version of I Ching, puhblished originally. I Ching the Book of Change: A New Translation of the Ancient Chinese Text with Detailed Instructions for its Practical Use in Divination. John Eaton Calthorpe I.

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An excellent compendium of personal researches.

He no longer makes his books resemble Princeton’s. But about his calendaric references, at least in my limited experience with that, I find them unuseful.

All this is evidence of is improper use. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. She crystallises ideas in a way that feels very up-to-the-minute.


After years of traveling through Asia and experiencing the spiritual culture of China and the Taoist eremites, he became a pupil of the Buddhist master Hsu Yun. Pages contain marginal notes, underlining, and or highlighting.

Has anyone else read it, and do you know how reliable his interpretations are? His book is now available here in PDF. Also chapters on the sequence, a Wilhelm-Baynes concordance, all known methods of consulting the book, glossary of terms, origins, magic squares, yarrow probabilities, and a lot more.


Even if what he says is not directly relevant to one’s own situation, he writes in such a way as one can see how he is looking at it, and so draw a guideline. Bloffld contribution has played a part. I’ve always felt this method, which many seem in awe of, is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

…life can be translucent

Whilst occasionally Boardman in his simplification draws out a theme extant in the original and makes it clearer, sometimes he puts a spin on the ball that is not to be found in Wilhelm. I guess a lot of people do that. It says ‘Do not…’ a lot, and ‘your ego…’ as if the author’s wasn’t obvious. Because the yang line is in a yin position there will be disaster and sadness.

The most prominent version, and still in print, is the translation into German by Richard Wilhelm inwith a foreword by the psychoanalyst C. The first book is the most valuable, in that it analyses the etymology of the Chinese characters, admittedly drawing largely on Arthur Waley’s work.

Find Rare Books Book Value.

That gives a total of 64 possible combinations in hexagrams. I was surprised shortly after buying it to come across a paragraph quoted from Arthur Waley’s book review of Hellmut Wilhelm’s ‘Change’, as this solved something I was puzzling over. Richard Wilhelm Richard Wilhelm was a German sinologist, who translated several of the Chinese classics into German.


That said, the book must be praised for putting the possibility of making a personal translation within reach of far more people.

This is pages dedicated exclusively to the first two hexagrams.

Wilhelm’s version of the I Ching has in turn been translated to many other languages, also English in New translations have emerged during the last few decades, so I might expand this list eventually. Chong quality of the language used is superb, it rates as a work of literature. Of course, several additional translations have been made, especially in the last 50 years or so, as the book’s popularity has increased.

I Ching by Blofeld, John

Ends up repetitive and dull. It is a rare book that can anticipate so well what one might at some point wish to know.

All domestic orders shipped protected in a Box. Good l no dust jacket. City Lights Bookstore Published: Much of the book is concerned with ethnopharmocology. Bodde discusses a few fine points of the text and confuses Cary F Baynes for a man. Use the Facebook field on some of these web pages to comment the I Ching or this website.