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At the end of the war, he was furious with Krishna for supporting it.

Bhagavata Purana ( Set in 2 Vol.)

The rest purnaa the world thinks it’s crazy. Life and Song of the Blue God, Siva: This covers a big part of Hindu mythology, and it is better to approach it as a fictional novel rather than philosophical as that gets pretty confusing. I was already familiar with some of the mythology, and hence this was an easy read for me. And none of them is named, so Lalita and Vishakha and all of them aren’t real.

It went on and on and on. Bhagavata Purana Set in 2 Vol. Surely purnaa was a ramedh of the translation! There were endless wet t-shirt scenes – Krishna splashing the women with water so their nipples would stand out, and all the other men getting off on watching.

This is an excellent translation, taking the original verse and converting it into easily readable prose. I would have read it and probably never would have visited the Evanston Hare Krishna temple or done any of the foolish things described in my own memoir of those bhagavatw.

Ramesh Menon (writer)

Divided into 12 skandas with over 30, verses it is massive. Honestly, when I started reading things like that, I was just sickened. Seriously, what happened 2, years ago to make so many men so misogynistic?


In the opening canto, the authors tell us they believe older stories, including the Mahabharata, basically got it wrong, and the purpose of this book is to retell all the old stories ‘the right way’.

Avinesh Shankar rated it it was amazing Sep famesh, If a sincere spiritual seeker took them as anything else, there are plenty of Bibles around where he can read the original story. Jess Brumbaugh rated it it was amazing Apr 07, It is indeed a fantastic translation and the translator has tried to maintain the essential spirit of the purana throughout the translation Zachariah Nicholovos rated it it was amazing Dec 23, I read a quote from ‘Prabupadha’ saying Radha’s identity was deliberately ‘hidden’ from the ‘ignorant’.

There are many incidents in the BP as well as in the Mahabharata where something happens specifically because someone was having sex, and the text tells you as much. A little rudimentary research will tell you the original Sanskrit text was composed long after things like the Siva Purana or the Mahabharata. Jay N rated it it was amazing May 01, Thanks for telling us about the problem. You take these things for granted mennon you’re raised with them from birth and they’re all you’ve ever known to be ‘tru This review requires background.

Ramesh Menon (writer) – Wikipedia

And my summary of this book is that it’s a rewrite of a lot of the Siva and Brahma Puranas, but with all the older messages about Siva being the original God and Vishnu his counterpart flipped around so that Vishnu is ultimate. The entire foundation of everything I was ever taught to believe is not even real.


That’s how God would act, right? It was the seed from which all his later work emerged.

The Bhagavata Purana by Ramesh Menon

Now I’ve read the Bhagavatam, also known as the Bhahavat Purana. And how does it make sense when it’s alternated with endless messages that sex is bad, we’re not the body, and ‘a woman’s body is a filthy and vile thing’ that is just ‘worm food’???

They worship the great Gods with deep bhakti and ask them to bless their descendants. Usually delivered in days? Turns out Radha is only recognised by Vaishnavism and one other tiny Indian cult I’ve never heard of.

A Modern Rendering 2 volumes Krishna: The fluidity which Mr. Please help by adding reliable sources. It comes from the word for ‘best worshipper’ containing the word ‘radha’.

Another thing Menon does is refer to the cowherds Krishna grew up with as Gypsies. The Mahabharata will forever remain one of my favourite books, but any doubts I might have had about leaving Vaishnavism are officially dead. Keyur Shah Certified Buyer 19 Feb, Jatin Khosla rated it it was amazing Dec 28, The readers, who like me, are planning to purchase this book based on their experiance with The Mahabharata by same author, be cuationed. He developed an informal guru-sishya relationship with the great Malayalam novelist OV Vijayanand translated two of his master’s novels into English: