Title: Bhadra Kalyanam; Author: K V Krishna Kumari; Publisher: DKVJMC Trust; ISBN: VISHALD; Binding: Paperback; Number Of Pages: ; Language. BOOK: BHADRA KALYANAM by A KUMARI CONTACT: [email protected] Read story Bhadra Kalyanam Book In Telugu by stanesetlin with 0 reads. download. Bhadra Kalyanam Book In Telugu DOWNLOAD.

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Viswanadham on April 1, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Bhadra (Krishna’s wife) – Wikipedia

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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Bhadra, the Divine aspect of Sri Mahalakshmi, is the confluence of beauty, devotion and love, that pined to merge in the ocean, Lord Krishna. This unique combination of relation and elation plesed the Lord and made her, his consort. The advent of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba is to reestablish the traditional glory of womanhood and reaffirm the strength of marriage system; Unity, Purity and Divinity being the undercurrent.

It is Swamiji’s will that this work should serve that purpose and hence His inspiration turned into imagination and result is this work. Marriage should never be a mirage! Marriage is sacred and perfect merge of two sould, both representin Divine aspects.

Aspiration, information, Transformation, Communication, Communion, Liberation and Salvation are the seven steps of Sadhana which Jeevatma should follow to realise Paramatma.

Krishna Kumari is a Doctor by profession, a Writer by temperament, a Devotee by conviction, and a dedicated Counselor with a humanistic approach. Her father, Late Dr. Jagannadha Rao, also a Medical Doctor, had a very humanistic approach. Satyavathi hails from a traditional family of ardent Krishna devotees, and her family ancestry can be traced back to the famous devotee-poet Sri Tenali Ramakrishna Kavi.

REVISED-Bhadra Kalyanam Original work by Dr. K. V. Krishna Kumari – Reading by Prof. V. Viswanadham

Thus, she has inherited devotion for Lord Krishna, along with considerable confidence and expertise in the fields of Literature, Music, Dance, Painting and other Fine Arts. She is a popular writer and has written many novels and short stories. She kkalyanam broadcast many lectures besides teleplays, on many medical, family and social problems.


She has been honoured several times at public functions as an eminent Doctor, popular Writer, inspired Humanist and active Social Worker. She has received many National and International Awards. She considers this work as reflecting her sincere devotion, spiritual discipline and dedication to service.

I deem it a privilege to have been permitted by the author, Krishnakkayya to read the book and make it available to the devotees. I humbly submit that I have many limitations but yet have accepted the opportunity as a blessing.

For the information of those who are interested in having copies of this Bhadra Kalyanam in Telugu: The popular book has run into 27 editions so far. This book running into about pages [about ten colour photographs], is priced at Rs.

For international buyers, in view of heavy postal expenses, the price has been fixed at a higher level, and personal enquiries can be made by the intending buyers.

The books can be had from: Satya Sai Sarath Chandra, Dr. The book is blessed by Sri Satya Sai Baba. Readers experiences shows that after reading the book all their wants and endeavours are fulfilled and unmarried girls and boys are getting married instantly. I have read this book two times and going through the audio files for kalyaham 2nd time.

Sri Viswanadham garu has done a great bhacra to the humanity by adding the audio files to the net. People lack time or don’t know reading Telugu can now get the benefit of reading the book by hearing it on the net.

Bhadra (Krishna’s wife)

Sri Viswanadham garu has read each chapter with the feeling and emotion needed for it. By hearing these audio files one can easily understand how to read each sentence and with what feeling. All my long standing problems in the office got solved instantly. Long standing medical problem of my wife has been cured. SWAMI has agreed to provide me one. This book is a great boon for the humanity. By going through this book or audio version on the net one can fulfill all his wishes and develop yearning for SWAMI which entire mankind is trying to achieve.


It’s worthy expressing my gratitude to Obok and Prof. Viswanadham for this excellent work. Viswanadham – favorite favorite favorite favorite – May 27, Subject: A very useful attempt. Blessed is the writer Dr.

Buy Bhadra Kalyanam online – online Telugu Books

Krishna Kumari, popularly known as Krishnakkayya. Understandably, the book can be read only by those who can read and understand Telugu. This attempt at reading and making the reading available, is a good step as it would help even those who cannot bhadraa Telugu to enjoy listening to the inspired work.

Further, while reading the written work bhaadra a unique and remarkable experience, listening to the work offers a personal touch, a more intimate impact, and a unique experience of transporting oneself to the times of Lord Sri Krishna.

As the person who had the humble opportunity to attempt this experiment, I request all those who have heard the recorded version to please favour me with their feedback – what they felt when they listened to and more particularly, how the attempt can be improved.