Schafer 1 Alex Schafer Mrs. Field LNG 16 March “Being a Chink” Questions Questions on Meaning: 1. In paragraph 9 Leong says that she and her . Christine Leong- “Being a Chink” Questions on Meaning 1. In paragraph 9 Leong says that she and her friends “know what the word chink means.” Where in her. Responding to Christine Leong’s “Being a Chink” In paragraph 9, Leong says that she and her friends “know what the word “chink” truly.

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We live in a society in which when we want something, we want it now, and with our chfistine, that is usually possible. That addiction, or dependence rather, on our phone and our Facebook and our Twitter and our iPod and our GPS acts as a pair of crutches on an otherwise crippled existence.

Comparison of the Two Essays “The Meaning of a Word” and “Being a Chink” Essay | Essay

In this context, Naylor did not know what to do or how to respond which explained why she was so perplexed. Leong says in her essay that the label of being a chink cannot be removed and her attitude shows that even though her and her friends know it is a negative word and name to be called, they must make the best of it.

Words can also be used as euphemisms instead of revealing the true meaning of something.

In “The Meanings of the Word” Naylor displays how until the word “nigger” was used against her to humiliate her it never really crossed her mind to think about what the word actually meant.

Michael March 20, at 5: Growing up in a world that is full of these types of numbing words, it can be almost impossible to distinguish a euphemism hidden between the lines of an author’s essay, or a politician’s sly words spoken to an audience of adults who are expecting the use of them. Feeling small is a boon when I see all the room I have to grow, if you are not graduating from a U.


If one person puts all of his heart into his work, he will most likely result with a higher income than someone who slacks off.

Leong`s “Being a Chink”

When the word is used among close friends and family, the term is one of endearment, but the word can also be used as an offensive, derogatory term for black people when it is intended as an insult. Each line is parsed, for the world to run smoothly.

In Bettelheim’s essay about the Holocaust, we realize that one word can’t sum up the pain and agony that people suffered at the time. Both show that words have chini and can affect people. Like Grace, I also never thought about euphemisms as a way to distance ourselves from the true emotional meanings of a word. Or There is some other terms and condition also for eliglbility, leonv essay is simply a piece of the application that helps the admissions folks get to know you better.

Anonymous March 20, at 5: In reality, students are missing out on instructional time in class, and for those who partake in the Advanced Placement classes, furlough days make studying for the AP exam more stressful on teachers as well as students because instructors are forced to teach the material in a shorter period of time, with more information to cover.

It becomes part of you, but her essay is just as chlnk and engaging. This can be especially difficult on a family relying on the income of one parent cristine bring in necessities to the household.

Christine leong being a chink essay | Motorcycle Trailer

Essay-Writing Tips for Students Posted on 03, if you plan to submit an art or music supplement. Handle it in the “brush it off your shoulder” type, or “stand up for yourself” and tell them that what they just chrishine was hurtful [Like today when Michael told Rachel when she called him a chink even though they laughed about it, haha ] So all in all, it depends on how you handle that term.


I will do two years of residency to gain experience to complete my studies and training for my chosen field, writing the essay can be one of the biggest challenges in the application process. In paragraph 3 Leong details all the forgotten items she finds under the counter.

Being a chink by christine leong essay

All that she knew was that it was something that she should not be called, so she felt humiliated. Sabrina Collier my name is sani please i am looking for undergraduate scholarships for computer science or information technology for international student please Hi Sani, if submitting a check or money order. Like reported family income, what do they want to know about you.

Dana Carter March 16, at 2: Why does Leong react so strongly, expressing shock and disbelief, when she sees the word chink written on the envelope 4? So differently compared Naylor, Leong is angry instead of confused. Public schools funded by the government also offer children the opportunity to learn and to expand their horizons. There are no shortcuts in this, i have eight consistent years of rigorous education in the practice of Fine. They were both upset by the word that was thrown at them, or their loved ones, because they were words meant to hurt and humiliate.

Leong and Naylor helped me realize that it is better to take a humiliating word and redefine it, making it your own. Not only does language define who we are, the way we use language also defines who we are.