Read “The BeatTips Manual The Art of Beatmaking, The Hip Hop/Rap Music Tradition, and The Common Composer” by Amir Said with Rakuten Kobo. I can’t believe I wasted my ****ing money on that, and I can’t believe the punk asses around here who talk that **** up. This book may be really. ‘The BeatTips Manual’ (Amir Said) is the definitive study of the art of beatmaking ( hip hop production). Brilliantly divided into five major parts – a riveting History.

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of BeatTips Manual is whack. BeatTips Manual is whack Sign in to disable this ad. This book may be really awesome if you’re mentally retarded.

Are bewttips so stupid you need someone to write a book with info like: If you need to read this book to be told that if you aren’t rich, borrowing money might help you, you should shoot yourself. Then what do we get: Incredibly dumbed down chapters on sample editing.

About 3 dumbed down pages of mixing. A worthless section on sequencing. A list of producers Sa’id thinks is good. In other words, you get next to no knowledge whatsoever about improving your beats.

Unless you are a total retard or something, then it might help you. It also includes such hard to find advice as: All in all, props to Sa’id for taking money from a bunch of dumbasses like me. He’s just doin’ his thing and getting paid, and that’s cool. If you want to mannual to make beats, go buy any book on music theory over this.

Well, I have to say this: Sa’id knows his “target market”. Yes, I’ve seen the book.

The BeatTips Manual by Amir Said on Apple Books

No, there isn’t anything in it that I personally find useful. Even so, you can’t discount the fact that there are thousands-n-thousands of people out there who have a strong desire to get into making music somehowbut really have no clue where to start at all. It’s a sad comment on the state of education in our country and othersbut music is largely an ignored subject in many schools.

There are some truly ignorant people out there. Sa’id’s book is a perfect introduction for them. I know what you mean man. I got this book called ‘Computers for Idiots’ and it’s so dumbed down. Newbie books are for newbies. Some newbies probably found it useful. If you aren’t a newbie you shouldn’t be buying books on makin’ beats anyways, that’s what you get haha.

Naw, I have no problem with Sa’id or with him selling the book. I’m not going to complain to him. What led me into buying the book was: C All of the other threads where people were hyping it saying how good of a book it is. I thought it was a book that had something to do with actually making music. Perhaps my words were a bit harsh saying it’s a book for morons although at least half of it you’d be a moron if you didn’t automatically know the first time you thought about it.


Which points to the fact that the statement on his website So what are you trying to accomplish with this post? You don’t think the book has any worth to anyone just because you didn’t cream your pants reading it? Get over it, man. Instead of spending time complaining about a book that has helped many people before you, why don’t you go and practice your musical skills?

And just so you know.

A music theory book would not be better for a complete newbie. I wanted to cop that too! The only reason I didn’t pick it up was because of the price. I beattups see fiend’s point very clearly though See, the problem with books like this and ALL those other books talking about the music business is that there’s so much “knowledge” out there it can hardly be regarded as a resource when you look closely at it all.

It’s become an industry unto itself that really just takes advantage of people’s aspirations while giving them nothing but cookie-cutter views on what is essentially a CREATIVE outlet, not just a way to get 3 Manuzl. The intent of that book was to take advantage of what some would call a growing trend where everyone wants to make their own records, but none of these “experts” want to tell you how much of a personal journey a career choice like this is.

BeatTips – Beatmaking, Making Beats, & Hip Hop Production Information

This isn’t textiles, or exports, or manufacturing widgets, this is about creating ART. If there was anything that book should have covered it should not have been technical issues as much as offering personal experiences in song building, collaborating, studio sessions, pre-production goals, bfattips.

Shoot, maybe I’LL write that book, lol. DL my album, “Potential Remains” here: I stand behind my book’s worth and value! You want a refund, email me with you information, simple n’ plain. In regards to my book being for “producers of any level” The Advanced Producers section is for producers who already have the basics mastered; it’s for those producers who have become more focused on making bbeattips production their career. If you read the whole book, in it’s entirety, which admittedly, you didn’t before making your post, you might have figured this out.

Also, in the introduction of the BeatTips ManualI make it clear that advanced producers can skip ahead, as their needs and interests dictate.


The BeatTips Manual

In this regard, the book IS for producers of all levels. For instance, the information on Production contracts, shopping beats, extra fine-tuning, and the like was especially beattips to help those producers who were more skilled, and thus ready to move up to the next level of production.

I speak to over 20 producers a day! About half of which are advanced And the interesting thing is how many extras they admittedly beatttips up from reading BeatTips over and over, in its entirety.

Either you didn’t understand that you could have simply skipped ahead, or you just didn’t care. In any event, in your posts you have completely tried to devalue a resource that has proven to be extremely valuable for thousands of people. Most people, especially newer producers, log on to FP for help! Unfortunately, many of these same people find themselves under attack for beatti;s basic questions that MOST of us had when we first began producing.

There kanual FP members who’ve been playing instruments for years There are FP members who’ve been familiar with production equipment for years But then, there are FP members who have little to no experience at all with instruments or production equipment. And more often than not, these FP members are ridiculed, disrespected, and continuously told how “stupid” their questions are.

This is one of the biggest problem with Veattips Hop-Rap Music. Many people correctly identify it as an art I would even say a fine art. However, none of these people actually treat as such. This ridiculous notion beattiips there is some “magical, minimum bar of knowledge” that you automatically either have or don’t have, is playing a very big role in discouraging would-be producers, word up.

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I looked at FP as a strong force, in the process of enabling new production pioneers. So, since the time that I’ve registered, I’ve made it my aim to make quality posts, and to be accessible to ANYONE who might need my help or insight, regardless of their production level, AND regardless of whether or not they buy my book. YOU are dissatisfied with the book that I wrote But callin’ all those who were not dissatisfied a “moron”, that’s what’s really whack.

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